Why is my phone so slow

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Why is my phone so slow. We discussed why our mobile becomes slow over time and what are ways to fix it in this post for free.

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Top 3 tricks to know why our mobile is slow!

Let’s see why our mobile becomes slow and how to make it perform faster with just a few clicks for free.

Before complaining about the phone performing slower, we have to know what made our phone slow.

Trick 1

So just open the settings on your phone.

Go to digital wellbeing.


This takes some time to track what are the apps that you are using or either running in the background and making your mobile slower.


As you can see my usage.

You get to see your usage here.

All you have to do is reduce the apps that you use regularly and also uninstall all those apps that you rarely use on your phone.

Because these apps will consume your storage as well as RAM in the background.

So better uninstall those apps that you rarely use.

What if you don’t have a digital well-being option on your mobile?.

Don’t worry open the dial pad on your mobile.


Dial ##4636## in the dial pad.

This will take you to the system backend settings.


Click on the usage statistics option from here.

This will show you all the apps that you are using regularly.


Check out the least usage app by scrolling below.

Uninstall those apps that you least use on your phone.

Trick 2

Open the play store on your mobile.

search for the shutapp app.


Install this app and this will take care of the rest.

This application will kill all the background running apps by hibernating them from time to time.

If you don’t want to install an app and want to hibernate the background running apps manually then I will show you an alternative trick as well.

Trick 3

Open the settings on your mobile.

Go to the about phone section.

Tap on the build number seven times, it will show you that you enabled the developer options on your phone.


Go back to the system settings now to find the developer settings.


Turn on the developer options now.


Scroll to the bottom and enable this kill app back button.


This will kill the app when you forcibly click on the back button.

Enable the don’t keep activities option as well.


This will destroy the activity immediately after you close any app.

Also, change the background process limit to at most 1 process.


This setting will make your mobile allow only one background process at a time and it will put less pressure on your RAM and battery.

Overall, these are the tricks to find out and fix why anyone’s phone becomes slow.

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