Whatsapp Translate In Hindi

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WhatsApp translate in Hindi. We also covered how to read deleted WhatsApp messages, where is the translate button on chrome, and how to translate a website with google chrome in this post.

Ever struggled to understand a new language on your mobile ???. If yes, then this post will definitely help you translate any text message within seconds for free.

You can now chat with new friends in their own language using a simple application on your android mobile.

This method is completely free and above all, it works pretty well on any android device.

WhatsApp translate in Hindi (Trick 1)

Today I will be showing you how to translate WhatsApp messages on android.

Open the play store and do a search for ” hi translate app ” and install the application.

This app works flawlessly and super fast in terms of translating the text.

Open the app and grant the accessibility permission from your settings panel.


Because this app will overlay on other apps. So it is mandatory to allow the above permissions.

This app won’t work if you don’t grant all the permissions.

Turn on this feature now and select your language.


Select the language which you want to translate in the foreign language section.

After that open the WhatsApp message which you want to translate.

Hover this translate widget on the text which you want to translate.


As you can see the hello message is translated to Hindi.

This widget is very helpful to translate any language to your language within seconds.

Similarly, this widget works on the browser and other apps as well. You can even translate the copied notes from any blog or website using this application.

If you are looking for “ where is the translate button on chrome and how to translate a website with google chrome ” then we have a solution for you.

Where is the translate button on chrome (Trick 2)

Let’s see where is the translate button on chrome and how to translate a website into your own language with just one click.

Go to the settings of chrome browser.

Select languages in the settings panel.


Click on the add language option.


Search any language using this search bar and select it.

Tap on the three dots and select offer to translate option.


This will enable the instant translator feature on your chrome browser.

After this setting, whenever you visit any website. You will see the translate option as a footer bar.

You can also change the language anytime using this feature. It supports all languages.

Lets see how to read deleted messages on WhatsApp for free on your android.

Read deleted WhatsApp messages (Trick 3)

I will show you how to read deleted messages on WhatsApp.

Just open the play store and do a search for ” restory ” application.

Install the application and open the app. Grant the permission to make this app work properly.


It will show you all the deleted WhatsApp messages.

This is the message which was sent and deleted later.


This is how you can read deleted WhatsApp messages on android.

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