Whatsapp Status Downloader

Whatsapp Status Downloader. This post covers how to download Whatsapp status and also use Whatsapp status video splitter on your android.

Who doesn’t want to download Whatsapp status images in their mobile gallery and share it with their friends on WhatsApp?

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If you love sending some funny WhatsApp status to your friends on WhatsApp then this is the post made for you.

Today I will be showing you how to download Whatsapp status images of anyone using a simple trick.

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Whatsapp Status Downloader

Firstly, open the play store and do a search for whatstools app in the search bar.

Secondly, this app is completely free and supports almost all the android devices.

Install the app which is very lite just 10 MB in size and open the application on your android mobile.

Grant permission of accessing storage after opening the app.

Click on the status saver to watch all your friend’s status of your current WhatsApp account.

After that, now click on the download button to download Whatsapp status images that you like.

Click on the saved status button to see the status that you have downloaded just now.

However, you can now apply downloaded WhatsApp status images as your WhatsApp status by clicking on the WhatsApp icon.

After that, select my status in your WhatsApp and click on the Next button.

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Above all, This is how you can download WhatsApp status images and apply them to your WhatsApp status for completely free using your android mobile.

Whatsapp status video splitter

I will show you the best Whatsapp status video splitter for android.

If you want to split a video into Whatsapp status length properly then follow this trick.

Use this Whatsapp status video splitter to split a video into 30-second clips with just one tap on your mobile for free.

You don’t have to manually edit the video if you follow this process.

Just open the play store and do a search for video splitter for Whatsapp status.

Install the app and open the app.

Grant the permission to access your gallery videos.

Click on the split video button.

Select the video which you want to split into small small clips.

You can proceed with custom split if you want to cut the video to different length.

Select Whatsapp split and it will cut your video in to 30 seconds automatically.

You can select all of them and directly share to your Whatsapp status.

This is so far the best video splitter for Whatsapp status.

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