What Is Virus In Computer

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What is virus in computer and how to remove virus from computer?. We clearly explained how to remove virus from computer, how to remove virus from PC, virus cleaner for Android, how to remove virus without antivirus, how to remove virus from pendrive, and information regarding viruses, worms, trojans.

We will guide you on how to remove virus from computer and prevent it from attacking again on your computer.

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What is virus in computer (How it affects the computer)

The virus affects mostly by the files you download from the internet i.e while searching on Google or using a Pendrive without scanning it.

The worm will affect to your computer only when you click and download the attachment that you have received from an unknown person in the email.

Worm will be downloaded to your computer if you download the attachment file without scanning it.

Trojan will create, if you crack any software and try to make it to a full version.

These worms and Trojans will transfer your activity or personal data to someone else who has created it.

How to remove virus from computer

You need a paid antivirus or at least a free antivirus to scan your computer regularly.

Antivirus helps you to remove any viruses found on your computer.

Turn on the auto-updates of your antivirus as well as the Windows updates on your computer.

Make sure you always keep them updated.

Some safety steps to prevent virus on computer

  • Scan the Pendrive before using it on your computer.
  • Don’t just click on the autoplay option without scanning.
  • If you want to avoid the virus then always use the original software.
  • Don’t download any files from unknown websites.
  • Do install the popup blocking extensions on your browser before visiting any unknown websites.
  • Don’t download content like movies, games and PC software from the torrent sites because those files will be very dangerous they will drop a virus on your computer.
  • Don’t go with the pirated or cracked ones that are available online for free.

If you fail to follow the above steps then you will end up losing your personal data for sure.

These viruses will always run in your background as an activity and consume all your computer RAM.

If you are an internet user then these viruses will consume most of your internet data.

Your system will overheat without any reason even though you have not used it for heavy tasks like gaming, editing, etc.

Make sure you update all software to the latest version.

Antivirus is the must to keep your computer clean.

Whether it is a paid version or free version, both will work perfectly on any computer.

I hope you learned what is virus in computer and how to remove virus from computer in this post.

Read below to know how to remove virus from pendrive and which is the best pendrive virus remover that is available for free online.

Let’s see how to remove virus from pendrive using the best pendrive virus remover for free.

We will guide you on how to remove the virus and fix the USB to work properly back again by using a software that is available for completely free online.

How to remove virus from pendrive

Open the browser on your computer.

Firstly, do a search for the ” USB fix ” on Google and follow the relevant link from the search results shown in your browser.

Secondly, download the USB fix software from the website to your computer.

After that, install the software on your computer.


Insert the corrupted pendrive to your computer USB port.

Open the software and scan the USB using the software.

Select the pendrive path in the software to scan the pendrive.

The software will scan the USB. It will check for the errors if your pendrive has got any and fix them within seconds.

You can follow this method to fix all your corrupted pendrives.

You can even scan the corrupted memory cards to know what is the exact problem.

Steps to keep your pendrive safe

  • Always make sure you format the USB after your usage.
  • Don’t transfer any pirated content or cracked content on your pen drive.
  • Never give your pen drive to anyone.
  • Always use the pen drive for personal use only.
  • Make sure you click on the option of remove the device safely before unplugging the USB from your computer.
  • Never visit any blocked website at your location by changing your IP address.

These are best steps to use your pen drive for the long run.

Overall, this is the best pendrive virus remover and this is how to remove virus from pendrive for free.

Let’s see how to remove virus without antivirus. Yes, you can now use the best online virus scan tool for free.

All you need is an active internet connection to scan any file on your computer.

You can know whether the file is affected with the virus or not within seconds for free.

How to remove virus without antivirus

Open the browser on your computer.

Do a search for the ” virus total ” on Google and follow the relevant link from the search results shown.


You have to upload a file on this website which you want to scan on your computer.

Once the file gets uploaded then it will take some time to scan the file.

If the virus found in the file then it will delete it right away.

We have got the better alternatives for this website as well.


” virscan.org ” and ” metadefender.com ” are the websites that are available for completely free and work perfectly fine when it comes to scanning the files online.


If you don’t have an antivirus installed on your computer then you can follow the above process.

However, you can use the free antivirus that Windows provides within the operating system.

Click on the start button or Windows icon on your desktop and do a search for the ” Windows defender ” software.


Open the software and update the virus definitions to the latest version.

This free antivirus will run in background keep your computer safe.

Make sure you do a full scan once in a week or month to keep your computer virus-free.

Overall, this is how to remove virus without antivirus and you can now perform online virus scan for completely free by following the above steps.

Who doesn’t use Android mobile these days ???. It became very hard to secure your information from fake apps and spying apps these days, isn’t it ??. Worried about how to clean Android phone virus ?.

Don’t worry, this post will definitely suggest you the best virus cleaner for Android and help you to find out ” why your mobile became slow ? “.

If you are downloading apps, not from the official play store then your information will be at risk for sure.

So, follow the below procedure step by step to remove fake apps from your Android mobile manually without installing any antivirus.

How to clean Android phone virus

Firstly, open the play store on your Android.

Secondly, do a search for the ” Easy Uninstaller ” app and install the application.

After that, open the app and grant the permissions otherwise the app will not work properly on your mobile.

This application will display all the apps that you have installed on your Android.


The specialty of this app is ” It even shows the spying apps installed on your Android “.

You cannot find them manually in the installed apps section of your mobile settings.

So, it’s always better to use the easy uninstaller app to find the hidden apps on your mobile.

Note: Make sure you check the installed apps in the easy uninstaller app thoroughly.

Tick mark the application that you find suspicious and then click on the uninstall button.

It will remove the fake apps or virus from your Android.

You can do this thing once every month to keep your Android safe and secure.

Make sure you disable the app installations from unknown sources in the privacy section.

You can find these privacy settings in the settings panel of your Android mobile.

Analyze installed apps on your Android

Let’s see how to analyze and know every detail of any application that you have installed on your mobile.

Just open the browser and do a search for the ” app’s brain ” on Google.

After that, visit the website and enter the application name in the search bar.

For example, here we will analyze the WhatsApp application.


You get to see all the details of the application for free using this website.

You have to check the permissions that application is seeking from the user carefully.


Search for any app here that you found suspicious on your mobile to get it’s details.

This is how you can analyze any app that is installed on your mobile using the app’s brain website for free.

Overall, we covered the best virus cleaner for Android and how to clean Android phone virus for free in this post.

Let’s see how to remove virus from PC for free.

Yes, you can remove virus now free by following few steps.

If your Windows computer is affected by any type of virus then here is the solution.

How to remove virus from PC

Firstly, open the browser and do a search for the ” bleeping computer ” on Google.

Secondly, visit the website and go to the virus removal guides.


It has all the latest, most viewed and ransomware guide collection.

This website helps you to know the step by step process of how to remove virus without antivirus.

You will also get to know how to clean Android phone virus, how to remove virus from PC using this website for free.

Overall, you will get to know how to remove virus from PC and you can remove virus now free using the steps provided on the website.

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