VPN extension for chrome

Are you looking for the best VPN extension???. Don’t know which is the best VPN extension for chrome??. Confused between free and paid VPN?.

If yes, then this post will guide you to select the best VPN extension for chrome along with the information regarding is it safe to use a free VPN?.

Let’s start the topic with what is a virtual private network?.

VPN is a virtual private network using which you can visit the blocked websites.

Virtual Private Network, allows you to create a secure connection over the Internet.

You can access those websites using VPN which are blocked at your location or blocked by your internet service provider.

Whether it’s a free VPN or paid one, never share your personal details like an email address or mobile number.

I recommend not to use a VPN extension on your personal browser. It is somewhat unsafe if you are using a free VPN.

No, unknown VPN extension will not hack your device. It simply collects all your data and makes money by selling it to a third party.

That’s how the working model of a VPN is. They sell huge data for money.

Grant the permissions carefully while installing a VPN app on your android because some apps take location, storage, camera, and contact details.

Never provide access to your contacts and storage on a VPN app. It is not at all safe.

No need to worry about hacking, because browsers like chrome or firefox will not allow those extensions to users that look suspicious.

I recommend not to download VPN or any extension from a third-party website other than the official web store i.e chrome web store or play store.

If you have downloaded the VPN or any extension from the official Store then you won’t face any problem whatsoever.

Best VPN extension for chrome:

If you are looking for the best VPN extension for chrome browser then here it is.

All you have to do is open the chrome browser, go to the web store.

In the search box, search for VPN, you will find this “1clickVPN – Free VPN for Chrome”.

Install this VPN and you can use it for free without any problem.

Above all, this is how you can use a VPN on your computer or on an android mobile.

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