Vlogging Tripod | Best Tripod For Vlogging

Who doesn’t want to vlog these days ???. Everyone is interested either to watch the vlogs or to start a vlogging career online. Are you one among those ?? If yes, then here is the best vlogging tripod that you have to start vlogging with.

This is the best tripod for vlogging and even for video shootings like making videos for YouTube channels etc.

If you are interested to start a YouTube channel then you must have this tripod on your desk.

This is the secret gadget of every vlogger who vlogs online. This is the secret to their awesome vlogs.

Review Of Vlogging Tripod :

Today we will unbox and review this Manfrotto Pixi mini tripod along with a mobile mount.

Firstly, this is the best tripod for your camera or mobile.

In addition, it can even handle a DSLR camera.

After that, press and hold this button to adjust it to any angle you want.

Secondly, the perfect mobile holder for this tripod is here.

However, you can carry this anywhere. It is lightweight and easy to assemble.

This is how you can attach the mount to a tripod.

Press and hold this button to adjust it to any angle.

Once you leave the button it won’t move.

So, let’s mount the mobile using this mobile holder now.

However, this holder will not leave scratches to your mobile as a cheap holder does.

In addition, you can hold mobile up to this much height without any problem.

The pricing of these products is a little bit high when compared to normal tripods and mobile holders.

But trust me these products do serve the purpose in the long run without fail.

The tripod is available for 1250 and the mobile holder is for 400 rupees on amazon.

Note: If you are interested to purchase these products then you can watch the in-depth review of these products along with their best buy links provided in the video below.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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How To Edit Vlogs?

You can edit vlogs using any video editor whether it’s free or paid version doesn’t matter but you need a video editor to edit vlogs for sure.

What Are Vlogs On YouTube?

Vlogging is like sharing your personal life with your audience. You can record your daily routine and upload it to YouTube as vlogs.

How To Start Vlogging On YouTube?

You have to create a YouTube channel first. All You need is a Gmail id to create your YouTube channel and then you can start vlogging by uploading vlogs on your YouTube channel.

How Much Are Vlogging Cameras?

That’s up to your budget. You can also record HD videos using your android mobile these days.

What Vlogging Camera?

The best vlogging camera is CANON Power Shot G7X Mark II Digital 20.1-Megapixel.

Can Tripod Be Carried On The Plane?

Yes, you can carry it without any problem.

What Tripod Should I Buy?

The best tripod to start with is Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Tripod

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