Typing Keyboard Best For Writing Articles

Are you blogger ???. Looking for a good typing keyboard ??. Don’t know what keyboard best suits you for typing ?.

If yes, then this post will suggest you the best typing keyboard for writing articles.

Best Typing Keyboard:

Today we will unbox this HP USB slim business keyboard.

Firstly, the packaging is good.

Lets quickly open this and check the keyboard now.

As you can see this is a slim keyboard.

This is the HP brand logo here.

These are the capslock, num lock and scroll lock indicators.

Secondly, the keys are very smooth.

If you type a lot daily then this keyboard will be perfect for you.

This is a USB keyboard and the length of the wire is good enough.

Lets flip this keyboard and see what we get backside.

These clips can lift up your keyboard a little bit height so that you can easily type.

This is not a gaming keyboard.

This keyboard weighs little bit high when compare to normal keyboards.

So, it won’t move while you are typing very fast.

You can purchase this product from amazon for 675 rupees.

We get this extra dot key which won’t be visible in normal keyboards. Except that everything is common.

Above all, this is a very good typing keyboard for writing articles. If you type a lot daily then go for this typing keyboard. It will serve for a very long time.

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