Storage Space Running Out

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Storage Space Running Out. Are you an android user ???. If yes then you may have faced this storage space running out notification on your mobile screen once for sure.

You cannot remove all your personal and emotional moments like family photos, favorite songs, and movies instantly from your android mobile right ???. If you are facing the same problem just like I did then this post is for you.

This post will help you to keep your mobile away from this storage space running out notification error for sure.

Clear Mobile Internal Storage (Trick 1)

You can now delete multiple apps directly from the play store. I recommend you to delete all those apps that you are not using on your android mobile to fix this storage space running out error.

Confused how to find the unused apps ?. Follow the below process.

The process is very simple. This trick works with almost all of the android devices because usually play store is available on all the android mobiles.

Just open the play store and go to my apps and games page.


Now, go to the installed apps section and click on the storage option.


You have to select multiple apps that you are not using and delete them all at once using the free up space button.


As you can see I have selected just two apps and they consume 82 MB. Similarly, select all the unused apps of your phone and free up space on your android.

This is how you can delete multiple apps directly from the play store within seconds and save storage space.

Watch above video for full procedure

Save Storage Space Using Chrome Browser (Trick 2)

If you use chrome browser on your android then you must try this method to save your storage.

Firstly, open your chrome browser and tap on the three dots then go to its settings.

Secondly, go to the site settings.

After that, select the data stored option and you will see all the websites that are consuming your mobile storage space.


Click on clear all data option and again click on the clear button.

This is how to free up space on android internal memory using the chrome browser.

You can now fix the “storage space running out” error in your android mobile using the above methods.

This way you can also make your mobile perform faster.

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