Set Video As Alarm On Android

Set Video As Alarm On Android

Are you frustrated with the regular alarm ringtone on your android mobile ??.

Let’s try something new this time by applying a video as an alarm on your android mobile.

Anyhow if you are looking for alarm. Here is a super alarm that wakes you early daily morning for sure.

Yes, you can apply a youtube video as an alarm on your android.

This app will play the video instead of that of boring ringtone you regularly listen on your android mobile.

Procedure To Set Video As Alarm On Android :

Today I will be showing you how to keep a video as an alarm on your android mobile.

Firstly, open the play store and do a search for alarmtube free app and install this application.

However, this app is completely free and no need to grant any permissions.

After that, open the app and search for any video using the search bar.

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Let’s get back to the alarm app settings.

Process Of Setting A Video Alarm On Android :

Now tap on the plus button beside the video and select create a new alarm.

Make the changes like time, volume, vibration and click on the Save button.

After that, get back to the main screen of the app and turn on the alarm now.

In addition, you can also add as many videos as you can by using the playlist option.

Make sure you run this app in the background otherwise you won’t get the alarm.

This is how you can apply a video or audio from youtube as an alarm on your android mobile but make sure to run this app in the background otherwise you won’t get notified with the alarm at the right time.

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Above all, this is one of the best alarms app available on play store and which is also available for completely free.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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