Remove Virus From Android | Fake Apps | Spying Apps

Who doesn’t use android mobile these days ???. It became very hard to secure your information from fake apps and spying apps these days, isn’t it ??. Worried about how to remove virus from android manually ?.

Don’t worry, this post will definitely help you to find out ” why your mobile became slow ? “.

You can now remove fake apps or spying apps manually from your android mobile.

Mostly these apps come from mobile app downloads from third-party websites.

If you are downloading apps, not from the official play store then your information will be at risk for sure.

So, follow the below procedure step by step to remove fake apps from your android mobile manually without installing any antivirus.

Process To Remove Virus From Android Manually :

Firstly, open the play store on your android.

Secondly, do a search for ” Easy Uninstaller ” app and install the application on your mobile.

After that, open the app and grant the permissions otherwise this app will not work properly on your mobile.

Here on the home screen of the app. It will display all the apps that you have installed on your android.

The specialty of this app is ” It even shows the spying apps installed on your android “.

You cannot find them if you manually search for these spying apps in the installed apps section of your mobile settings.

So, it’s better to use this easy uninstaller app which is available for free on the official play store.

Note: Make sure you check the installed apps in the easy uninstaller app thoroughly.

However, You will definitely find some fake apps for sure on your android.

Tick mark them and then click on the uninstall button.

This will remove all the fake apps or virus from your android.

You can do this thing once every month to keep your android safe and secure.

Make sure you disable the app installations from unknown sources in the privacy section.

You can find these privacy settings in the settings panel of your android mobile.

It is okay to find the phishing apps on android manually but what about the apps that are already installed ??. Are they completely safe ?.

Here is how you can find out the complete details of any app that is installed on your android mobile.

Which includes ” what are the permissions that a particular app is seeking from the mobile user ? “.

Cross Check Before Granting The App Permissions :

Granting the permissions blindly will compromise your information on android.

For instance, Why does a calculator app need contacts info ??.

Similarly, Why torchlight app requires permission to access the gallery ?.

So, don’t just grant the permissions blindly while installing any app on your android.

Read thoroughly what the app is about and what are the permissions it requires to work on android mobile.

Here is how you can know the complete details of any installed app on your android including what are the permissions that it is seeking from your android mobile.

Process To Remove Virus And Know The Details Of Any Android App :

Firstly, today I will be showing you how to analyze and know every detail of any app that you have installed on your mobile.

Secondly, just open the browser and do a search for the app’s brain.

After that, visit this website and now enter the application name in the search bar.

For example, here we are going to analyze the WhatsApp application.

So, this is the WhatsApp messenger and these are the downloads of this app.

Here is the rating provided and this is the ranking of the app.

This is the date of the last WhatsApp update released out to android mobile users.

Similarly, here is the age of WhatsApp along with its size and this application is provided for free.

In addition, these are all the log details of this app along with the user reviews and ratings on the play store.

Here is the developer information on the WhatsApp application.

These are all the permissions that WhatsApp is seeking from the mobile user.

So, this is how you can analyze any app that is installed on your mobile using this app’s brain website.

However, you can follow the same process using your mobile as well.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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The FAQ ( Android Virus ) :

How To Remove Mobile Virus Samsung?

Restart your mobile in safe mode and remove any recently installed applications from your android mobile.

How To Scan Mobile Virus?

You can install any antivirus app from the play store to scan and remove the virus from android mobile.

Can Android Get Virus?

Yes, any device that is connected with the internet will definitely get viruses over time.

How To Delete Android Virus?

There are a lot of free antivirus apps available on the play store. Find and install an antivirus with a good rating to scan and delete the android virus.

How Can Remove Virus From My Phone?

Backup everything on your android phone first and then resetting your android is the best option to remove viruses from the phone.

How Remove Virus From Android Phone?

Resetting the android mobile will fix the issue but make sure you back up the entire data like images, videos, contacts, etc to your computer or hard disk before proceeding.

How Remove Virus From Laptop?

Update your windows 10 along with the windows defender’s latest definitions. Windows defender is enough to scan and remove the virus from the laptop if you are a normal user.

How Remove Virus From Computer Without Antivirus?

You cannot remove the complete virus from the computer without antivirus. However, the free version of any antivirus also works perfectly to remove the virus. So, if you cannot afford the paid antivirus then try the free version and make sure to keep it up to date with the latest virus definitions.

Will Factory Reset Remove Virus?

Yes, but in most cases, the virus will remain the same unless you install a fresh operating system that is downloaded from the trusted source.

How Remove Virus From PC?

There is a lot of free antiviruses available online like Avast, Kaspersky, Norton security, panda antivirus. You can install a free version of any antivirus to remove viruses from the PC.

How Remove Virus From USB?

Plugin the USB to the computer and visit the virus total website. Select the USB file path and scan it. If you don’t have internet then you can use the antivirus available on your computer to scan and remove the virus from the USB.

How Remove Virus From Mac?

Usually, mac rarely affects the virus. If you suspect any file is a virus then upload that file to the virus total website to remove the virus. However, back up the data and resetting the mac will help you to fix the virus.

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