Remove Hyperlinks From Wikipedia In English Article

Remove Hyperlinks From Wikipedia In English Article| If you are a content creator or you search a lot of content online ( Internet User ) then you may be aware of the important information we get on Wikipedia website.

However, if you want to copy some information from this website then you have to remove all links.

This post will definitely help you to remove links for free so that you can easily copy the information.

Therefore, today I will be showing you how to remove links easily from any Wikipedia article.

As you can see this is the article regarding apple, as well as these, are all the links in this article.

So let’s see how to remove all these links and get a plain article using a trick.

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Process To Remove Hyperlinks From Wikipedia In English Article :

Firstly, open your browser and do a search for gwiki in the search bar.

Secondly, open the website and copy the link of the Wikipedia article from which you want to remove all the links.

After that, paste the link on this website and tap on the enter button.

However, this will display the same article without internal links.

So if you want to copy some information for your content then you can copy it from here without hyperlinks.

This will definitely make your task easy but make sure you don’t copy and use all information exactly.

However, if you are a content creator then this article will definitely help you: These are the top most useful websites of all time for internet users.

So, I hope you guys like this article.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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