Top 5 Secret Free Tools For Bloggers

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Plagiarism checker x pro. We covered the Amazon URL shortener, using long tail keywords, how to increase mobile website speed, color picker w3 in this post.

If you are a blogger or content creator then these 5 secret free tools will help you a lot.

These secret tools will make your work simpler and save your time as well.

All bloggers worry about copied content so let’s start with the plagiarism checker tool.

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Plagiarism checker x pro

If you are a blogger and searching for the best content creation tool online then I recommend you write your own articles to make them unique.

If you go for content generators then you will get mostly copied content which is not at all good for your website.

Coming to copied content, you can now know copied content easily within seconds using plagiarism checker tools.

The best plagiarism checker tool available online is plagiarism checker x pro but coming to its pricing, I won’t recommend it to a beginner who just started his career in blogging.


I also won’t recommend you to go after the plagiarism checker x torrent file because you may end up downloading a virus to your computer.

Never trust torrent sites, they provide you software or tools for free along with the virus.

Don’t worry I will show you the best and free plagiarism checker tool to find the duplicate content of your website.

You can check the plagiarism of any website post for free within seconds.

Just open Google and do a search for the ” ” website.

Visit the website from the search results shown in your browser.


All you have to do is copy your entire article and paste it here.

Click on the check plagiarism button.

It will scan the text and let you know how much duplicate content is in your article.

This way you can find the duplicate content of any website post for free without going after plagiarism checker x torrent file.

Amazon URL shortener

If you are looking for an Amazon URL shortener then you are at the right place. Let’s see how to shorten the URL of Amazon.

Although Amazon affiliate provides the option of shortening the URL but still if you want to do it your own way then follow the below process.

This is the simple and best trick to shorten any URL using a website for free.

Open the browser and do a search for the ” bitly ” on Google.

Visit the relevant link from the search results shown in your browser.


You have to paste the link that you want to shorten and then click on the shorten button to short the URL.

You can paste this short URL anywhere online, the result will be the same.

There will be no expiry date for these URLs.

Facebook blocks your website if you share your website link regularly in groups or pages.

You can stay safe if you shorten your URL and then share it in Facebook groups or pages.

Similarly, you can shorten the Linkedin URL without any Linkedin URL shortener.

Long tail keywords generator

I will show you the best long tail keywords generator that is available for free online.

If you are a beginner then you have to focus on long tail keywords to rank better on Google.

Long tail keywords have less competition therefore your website ranks in search results without any DA ( Domain Authority ) & PA ( Page Authority ).

It will be easy for your new website to rank if you use long tail keywords.

Just open Google and do a search for the ” ” website.

Visit the website from the search results shown.


Search for any keyword and you will get all the relevant long tail keywords.


You get to see their search volume, CPC, and competition as well.

You will also get to see the top search results for your keyword on this website.

Overall, using long tail keywords your website can rank better on Google without any competition.

How to increase website loading speed

Let’s see how to increase website loading speed.

First of all, you have to know where to improve right?.

I will show you a tool that guides you where to fix the error to speed up your website for free.

Just open Google and do a search for the ” gtmetrix ” website.

Visit the website from the search results shown.


Just drop your website URL and click on the test button.

This will show you the website loading speed along with the errors that you have to fix.


All the errors on your website will be shown as a report.

Fix them one by one to improve your website speed.

The majority of users are mobile users these days.

So, focus also on how to increase mobile website speed. This website helps you with that as well.

Color picker w3

If will show you the best color picker available online for content creators or bloggers.

You can pick the color of any text that you see online.

Coming to color picker w3, you can only select the color from the colors provided on the website and know its hex code.


I will show you how you can pick the color of any image or text that you see on any website.

Yes, this helps in choosing your desired color easily while you are surfing the internet.

Visit the chrome web store or else you can search for the ” chrome web store ” on Google.

Search for the ” colorzilla ” extension in the search box.


Install the extension and all you have to do is click on the extension, move your cursor on the image or text that you like.


This extension will show you the color code.

This tool will be helpful for content creators and designers online.

Overall, this is the best alternative to a pixie color picker.

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# Complete playlist of Secret Tools Of Bloggers #

FAQ ( Bloggers tools tips & tricks )

  1. What are some of the best rated plagiarism checker tools online and offline?

    Duplichecker website is the best plagiarism checker tool available online. I don't recommend the offline tool because it won't be updated with the latest content online right?. So, you won't get accurate results if you use the offline plagiarism checker tool.

  2. How do I short my youtube embed link?

    Copy the youtube video embed the link and paste it into the bitly website. You will get the short URL. You can then embed this generated short URL using the youtube embed plugin on your WordPress site.

  3. URL shorteners is safe or not safe in India

    Yes, URL shorteners are completely safe but make sure you use the genuine one like bitly website. Spammy websites will make visitors watch an ad when they click on it. Those links mostly won't convert because the visitor leaves the page considering it as a spammy link.

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