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Who doesn’t use mobiles these days ???. Everyone has a mobile these days and it became mandatory gadgets to make our daily routine simpler. There is no problem at all if you use these gadgets like computers, mobile for a limited period of time. However, if you are addicted to these gadgets then this post will help you to control phone usage with a monitor app on android for free !.

Today I will be showing you how to check what are the apps that you are using on your android mobile regularly.

And how much time you are spending on a particular app.

This method will help you to reduce your screen time because mobile addiction is not at all good for health.

Process To Control Phone Usage With A Monitor App In Android :

Firstly, open the play store and do a search for an action dash app and install this application.

Secondly, open the app and grant the permissions otherwise this app will not work properly on mobile.

After that, you can see this is the daily time usage of my mobile along with the apps that I have used.

This is the weekly analytics of my usage, as well as these, are the recent applications that I have used on my mobile.

3 hrs 34 mins is my screen time.

You will get more features by upgrading your app.

This is the settings panel of this app.

You can enable a fingerprint lock for this app as well.

In addition, this app provides different types of themes within the settings panel of this app.

You can gradually decrease your screen time by checking these analytics.

If you are an android user then you may saw this storage space running out error in your notification panel.

Don’t worry we got a solution for storage as well: Here is how you can fix storage space running out error and then save some storage space on your android for free !.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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