Top 5 PDF Tips & Tricks That You Should Know

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PDF editor online to word. We covered free college textbooks PDF, how to convert PDF to Docx in mobile, PDF viewer for mobile, best web to PDF converter in this post.

If you use PDF a lot for your work then you must be aware of these PDF tips and tricks.

These PDF tips and tricks will make your work a lot simpler and save you time as well.

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PDF editor online to word

Let’s see how the PDF editor online to word process works.

Yes, you can convert a PDF document to word online using this trick for free.

Just open the browser and do a search for the ” PDF candy ” on Google.

Visit the relevant website from the search results shown.


As you can see all the converting options are available for free.

  • You can merge PDF and convert PDF to any file
  • Crop PDF and convert txt to PDF for free
  • Compress a PDF file
  • You can also extract images from PDF file

You can use PDF candy software available for Windows without an internet connection.

Yes, You can use this software to edit PDF files completely free without the internet.

Overall, this is the best free PDF editor for Windows that works without an internet connection.

Free college textbooks PDF

Are you looking for free college textbooks PDF and failed?.

Don’t worry, you can get the PDF file of any course or book online for free using a trick.

I am gonna show you how to search for a free PDF online.

Open Google and search for any PDF.

Before pressing the enter button make sure you add the command along with your search.


Your keyword (space) filetype:PDF on Google.

You will get all the free PDF files in the search results.

You can search for any course or PDF file using this trick.

If you are looking for free PDF books online download then this is the process.

How to convert PDF to docx in mobile

Let’s see how to convert PDF to Word in mobile online for free with just a few clicks.

If you don’t have a computer at your home then you can follow the process using your Android mobile as well.

Firstly, open the browser and do a search for a ” small PDF ” website on Google.

Follow the relevant link from the search results shown in the browser.


This website offers you:

Compress PDF, PPT to PDF, PDF to PPT, JPG to PDF, PDF to JPG, Excel to PDF, PDF to Excel, Edit PDF, Word To PDF, PDF to Word, Merge PDF, Split PDF, Rotate PDF, eSign PDF, Unlock PDF, Protect PDF etc.

Just upload the file that you want to convert and then download the converted file back to your computer.

Overall, this is how to convert PDF to Docx in mobile with just a few clicks for free.

PDF viewer for mobile

Let’s see the best PDF viewer for mobile.

The application is free and you can edit your PDF files completely free.

Just open the play store and do a search for the ” uPDF ” application.

Install the application and edit all your PDF files for free on your mobile.

Let’s see the features of the PDF viewer.

This application provides dark mode with one click.

You can change the swipe mode to either horizontal or vertical in this application.

You can jump to any page by providing the page number.


As you can see, you can merge, split and compress the PDF file using this application.

You can also convert the image file to PDF for free.

Overall, if you are looking to download a free PDF reader for Android then this is the best one.

Best web to PDF converter

Are you looking for the best web to PDF converter online then you are at the right place.

Let’s see how to print a website article or save it as a PDF file on your computer for free.

Open the browser and do a search for ” print-friendly ” on Google.

Firstly, open the relevant website from the search results then copy the website article which you want to print.


Secondly, paste it on the print-friendly website.

Click on the preview button and it will take some time depending upon the size of your article.

After that, you can edit the article as you like and save it as a PDF file on your computer.

You can also print it or email it using this website.

This is how you can save some important information from any website as a PDF file on your computer.

Password protection for PDF

Let’s see how to enable password protection for PDF files using mobile.

Yes, you can enable password protection for PDF as well as remove password protection for the PDF files for completely free.

No one can access your PDF file without a password.

Just open the play store and do a search for ” image to PDF converter “.

Install the app and open the application.

Click on the image icon and select your image from the file explorer that you want to convert to pdf.


Enter the name, enable password protection for PDF, and set the password for the PDF file.

Don’t change the compression level and click on the OK button.

You can now share the PDF file with your friends using WhatsApp or any social network.

The person needs to enter the password to open the PDF file.

Overall, this is how to convert website to PDF online free with just a few clicks.

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