Pay Internet Bill Online

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Pay internet bill online. We covered how to pay internet bills online with just a few clicks using mobile.

Today I will show you how to pay landline or broadband bills using the Phonepe app. Yes, Phonepe is the best application to pay the internet bill.

How to pay internet bill online

Firstly, open the play store on your Android mobile.

Do a search for the ” Phonepe ” application and install it on your mobile.

After that, you have to register with your mobile number and create a Phonepe account before proceeding.

Click on the see all option in Recharge & Pay Bills section.


Now, select the landline or broadband as an option.


Here you have to select your service provider.


Enter the account number along with the telephone number to confirm the details before paying the bill.


However, you can find your account number on the monthly bill receipt of your broadband or landline.

Click on the yes button if you want to receive bill notifications every month from the Phonepe application.

Make sure you enter the account number correctly however Phonepe will display the account details before paying the bill.

You can pay the bill using your debit, credit card, net banking, UPI.

You can also add the amount to Phonepe wallet and use it to pay the internet bill.

Click on the pay bill button to pay the amount.

Overall, this is how to pay broadband bill online using mobile with just a few clicks.

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