Parental Controls On Android Phone

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Parental controls on android phone. We covered how to enable parental controls on android phone and how to turn on safe search in your browser with just a few clicks in this post.

If you are a parent and your kids are using your mobile then you must turn on these parental controls on your android phones to make sure your kids watch the safe content on your mobile.

Parental controls on android phone

Open the play store on your android mobile.

Firstly, go to the settings of your play store.


Enable the parental controls on the play store.


It will ask you the 4 digit pin so that no one can change the parental controls unless they know the pin that you have applied for the parental controls.


Confirm the pin and then click on the OK button.

Secondly, it will show you three sections like ” apps and games “, ” movies “, ” music “.

Select the apps and games section, select your kid’s age and click on the Save button.

Similarly, select the movies section and apply the age that you like and click on the Save button.

Now just close the play store and open it again.

You can also restart your mobile if you can.

You will be seeing the apps below the age that you have provided in the parental controls of your android play store.

There will be no 18+ content ads or apps displayed while using your android mobile.

So, your mobile is completely safe for your kid to use now.

It will also clear all the age-restricted apps from the recommended apps section of the android play store.

This is the must-do step if you have kids at your home and they are using your Android mobile daily to play games and to watch movies.

You cannot avoid them using the mobile instead you can make these changes in your android play store so that it will be completely safe for the children who are using the Android mobile.

Turn on safesearch in broswer

You can turn on safe search in your computer browser with just a few clicks.

Just open the chrome browser and do a search for the ” safe search ” extension on the Google search engine or in the chrome web store.


Install this extension on your browser to block the adult websites from the search results.

Use the ” YouTube Kids ” app instead of the default YouTube app on your Android Mobile.

You have to provide your kid’s age in the YouTube kids application so that the content will be displayed according to the age of the kid.

You can even lock the application for a particular time so that he or she cannot access the mobile without your permission.

This is how you can turn on safe search in your browser for safe search results to appear on your browser.

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