Online VPN for PC download

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Online VPN for PC download. We covered the best online VPN for PC free download in this post.

Are you looking for the online VPN for PC ??.

If yes, then this post will guide you to select the best VPN for PC.

Let’s start the topic with what is a virtual private network ?.

VPN is a virtual private network using which you can visit the blocked websites.

Virtual Private Network, allows you to create a secure connection over the Internet.

You can access those websites using VPN which are blocked at your location or blocked by your internet service provider.

Whether it is a free VPN or paid one, never share your personal details like an email address or mobile number.

I recommend not to use a VPN extension on your personal browser. It is unsafe if you are using a free VPN.

No, unknown VPN extension will not hack your device. It simply collects all your data and makes money by selling it to a third party.

That’s how the working model of a VPN is. They sell huge user data for money.

No need to worry about hacking, because browsers like chrome or firefox will not allow those extensions to users that look suspicious.

I recommend not to download VPN or any extension from a third-party website other than the official web store i.e chrome web store or play store.

If you have downloaded the VPN or any extension from the official Store then you won’t face any problem whatsoever.

Online VPN For PC Download

If you are looking for the best VPN for PC then here it is.

All you have to do is open the chrome browser, go to the web store.

In the search box, search for the ” 1clickVPN – Free VPN for Chrome “.


Install the VPN and you can use it for free without any problem.


This is how you can use a VPN on your computer while browsing.

We have a free alternative VPN for this as well.

FREE VPN For Browser

Just open google and do a search for the ” rusvpn chrome extension “.


Install the extension on your chrome browser.

As you can see this vpn provides you five free locations.


You have to purchase premium service for other locations.

Don’t worry free VPN also works great.

Enable this option if you want to use the vpn always on the browser.


VPN For Android Users

Just open the play store and do a search for the ” x vpn “.

Install the app and open the app.

Grant the permissions carefully while installing a VPN app on your android because some apps take location, storage, camera, and contact details.

Never provide access to your contacts and storage on a VPN app. It is not at all safe.

This vpn comes with private browsing feature as well.

So, you can browse all your personal stuff with this app.

Tap on the power button to turn it on.


As you can see the vpn is connected now.

This is the private browser, you can search anything here.


You can erase the browsing history using this delete button.

Use VPN Without Any Extension Or Software On Windows 10

Let’s see how to use a free VPN without installing any extension or software on the computer.

Yes, you can use the free VPN option that you get on your Windows 10.

You just have to follow some steps to setup the free VPN.

Click on the Windows icon on your desktop and go to the settings.


Search for the ” VPN settings ” in the settings panel.


Click on the add a VPN connection.


Select VPN provider as Windows built-in option.


Provide any name for your connection.

You have to visit a website to get the address.

Just open google and do a search for the ” “.

Visit this website from the search results shown.

Copy the address from the website and paste it.


Select VPN type as PPTP because we copied the PPTP address from the website.

Now enter the username, password as provided on the website.

Finally, click on the save button.


As you can see, you can connect to this free VPN.

You can disconnect the VPN after usage.

This way you can use the online VPN for PC without installing any software or browser extension on your Windows 10.

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# Complete Playlist of FREE VPN Tips & Tricks #

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