Netgear D500 WiFi Router Review

Netgear D500 WiFi Router Review

Are you searching for the best budget router for your broadband connection ?? then this is the product you must check out.

This Netgear D500 router is for Adsl broadband connection users i.e opting the internet connection through the landline.

For example: Bsnl broadband Connection Users.

So, this router is only for internet users who are seeking the internet from their landline.

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Netgear D500 WiFi Router Review :

Today we will review this Netgear d500 wifi router.

I have been using this product for past 2 years and I can say this is the value for money products.

Although it does support all the service providers, make sure you check your service provider name is mentioned on the amazon product page or not before purchasing.

Let’s get back to the product now.

Here we get the ADSL port, two ethernet ports, reset option which resets your router back to manufactured settings again, power plug input and the power button.

This is the ADSL wire which comes with the router. Therefore, You have to plug this in to the router ADSL port.

and the other end goes to the modem which will be connected with your landline.

In addition, We get an ethernet wire as well along with this Netgear D500 wifi router.

The wifi range of this router is good enough.

No connectivity issues found so far and cover the entire house.

However, you can also create a WiFi hotspot using your laptop for free !.

The username and password of this router is admin and the password.

This username and password will be the same for most of the routers that are available in the market.

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However, you can also find the username and password of any router by visiting the routerpasswords website and selecting your router model.

Here is how you can know who is using your WiFi without your permission.

In conclusion, This router is completely worth the price you pay.

Note :

If you like to purchase this product then you can watch the in-depth review of this product along with its best buy link in the video provided below :

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Watch above video for full procedure

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