Know about your mobile

Mobile specifications. In this post, we will guide you to know the exact details of your mobile by using a simple trick.

This info will be very useful especially if you are an android mobile user.

Follow these steps step by step to know about mobile specifications:

Firstly, open the play store that is available on your android mobile.

Do a search for ” My device ” app and install the app on your android mobile.

After that, open the app and grant the permissions otherwise the app will not work properly on the mobile.

However, this app will show every detailed info like manufacturer, brand, model, board, hardware, serial number, android id, screen resolution, boot loader, user host, etc.

Here is an interesting article that helps to find the IMEI number of lost android for free !.

You will get info about the OS of mobile like version name, API level, build id, build a theme, fingerprint, etc.

Here is how you can apply fingerprint on old android mobiles.

In addition, you can know about the CPU details of your mobile using this app.

It will be showing the amount of physical and actual RAM that you have got on your android mobile.

This app will show the battery information as well regarding which battery is used on your android mobile.

These days we cannot remove the back cover of our mobile to check if the battery used in the mobile is good or not.

However, We cannot even replace the battery ourselves.

Here is how you can control overheating issue of the mobile battery using simple steps.

In other words, You have to visit the nearby service center of your mobile to replace the battery.

Features of your mobile:

This app shows the info about memory used on the mobile as well.

You will get detail info about the storage so that you can delete the unwanted files, photos and videos from your mobile.

Are you stuck with storage space running out notification in your android ???.

Check this interesting article: Here is how you can save storage space on android.

Similarly, it shows the network info of your device just like connection status, data type, network type, Ip address, mac address, SSID, link speed, etc

However, by using this you can know if there is an error with your internet connection or not.

If you are facing any internet connectivity issue then go through this interesting post which helps to fix the slow internet connection problem.

You can know the details about sensors in your mobile just like the gyroscope, proximity sensor, magnetometer sensor, etc.

Similarly, you can know the features like WiFi, WiFi Direct, Bluetooth, GPS, camera flash, camera front, microphone, NFC, USB host, multi-touch, gamepad support, CDMA, GSM, printing, etc.

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