Mid Roll Ads 2020 | Earn Money From YouTube In 2020

What are mid roll ads ???. Don’t know how to enable mid roll ads on your YouTube videos ??. How to earn money from YouTube without ads in 2020 ?.

If yes, then this article will help you to enable the mid roll ads on your YouTube videos.

This will definitely increase your YouTube earnings within a week or month after you made this change on your YouTube studio settings panel.

Three types of ads currently support YouTube videos :

  • Pre-Roll Ads
  • Mid-Roll Ads
  • Post-Roll Ads

Pre-Roll Ads: This ad loads before the video starts. You can also see two types in these ads as well.

Skippable ads and nonskipabble ads. You can skip the ads after 5 seconds if you are watching skippable ads.

Non-skipabble ads cannot be skipped. You have to watch the entire ad.

Mid-Roll Ads: These are the ads that you can manually insert only if you have crossed your video length for more than 10 minutes.

However, YouTube recently rolled out the new feature of applying automatic ads on your videos without considering the video length.

Post-Roll Ads: These are the ads that will appear after completing the video.

Process To Enable Mid Roll Ads On Your YouTube Videos :

Today I will be showing you how to enable mid roll ads on your YouTube videos and also earn more income online using mid roll ads.

However, This is applicable to short videos as well just like one or two-minute videos that are available on your channel.

You don’t have to shoot 10-minute videos from now onwards to put ads in the middle of your video clips.

YouTube has recently rolled out this feature. So, it will automatically apply mid ads to your video.

It doesn’t matter your video length is shorter or longer.

So, let’s see how to enable these mid ads on YouTube videos.

Firstly, log in to your YouTube channel.

Secondly, go to the YouTube studio beta page.


From here, you have to go to the creator studio classic page.


After that, A popup will display on your screen click on the skip button.

This will take back to your old YouTube studio.

Click on the channel and then go to the monetization page.

Now, click on the monetization settings for future videos link.


After that, scroll a little bit and you will find this automatic mid roll ads option.


By default it is un-ticked.

Tick mark this option and then click on the Save button.

That’s it, you are OK with the setting now.

In conclusion, you will get to see a slight improvement in your earnings within a week or month after enabling these mid roll ads.

Now let’s talk about how to earn money from YouTube without ads in 2020.

Process to earn money from YouTube without ads in 2020 :

Let’s get deep into how one can earn money from YouTube without ads in 2020?.

Yes, you can earn money from YouTube without Adsense but your channel has to be a popular one.

There are several ways to earn through YouTube channel ones you get popular on YouTube.

You can create videos of any purchased products and provide the affiliate links of those products in the description. This method is called affiliate earning.

The best affiliate earning source is amazon. You can join the amazon affiliate program by visiting their amazon affiliate website.

It is not the same amazon shopping site, so you have to create an Amazon account for affiliate separately.

Next comes the sponsorship or sponsored ads on videos.

Companies will approach you at your business email and pays you a good amount of money for showcasing their products.

It may be anything like a physical product, a software, app promotion or website promotion, etc.

If you have enough following on Facebook and Instagram or Twitter. You can also pull some decent earning through sponsored posts on them.

If you have a website then you can redirect all your audience of YouTube to your website to earn a decent income from your website as well.

All of these options are available to only popular channels.

Overall, one can earn money from YouTube without ads only when the channel is popular.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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Are YouTube Ads Targeted?

Yes, based on your search history or watch history the video ads will be shown to you.

How do YouTube Ads work?

You get paid if a viewer watches the whole ad or watches it for 5 seconds and skips the ad. In both cases, you will get paid. This is how YouTube ads work.

What Are YouTube Ads?

Users will get to see the video ads before or while watching videos on YouTube. These are said to be YouTube ads.

How do YouTube Ads pay?

You have to apply for Adsense through your YouTube channel settings page first. Your channel will go for the review. Once you got Adsense approval then AdSense will pay or transfer your earnings every month to your bank account.

How Much YouTube Ads Cost?

It completely depends on the category you are selecting. If you are going for high competition keywords then you have to pay more CPC for advertising. If you are targeting low CPC then your ad budget will not cost more.

How Block YouTube Ads?

You can block YouTube ads using some ad blocker extensions. However, most of them don’t work properly. So, I recommend not to use them because they are not at all safe for your browser. Some plugins even change the user experience.

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