Danger Application In Playstore | Don’t Install In Android Mobile

Malware In Playstore

Malware In Playstore. This is the post to aware you that there is a malware in the form of an app in android play store.

In this post, we will be guiding you on how to avoid viruses or malware that can affect your android mobile if you are not aware of this information.

Follow these steps step by step to avoid malware in play store:

Open the play store that is available on your android mobile.

Do a search for the ” meitu ” app and don’t install the app from the play store.

This app is collecting all your personal data and your activity that is done on your android mobile which will be sent to Chinese servers.

Your activity and personal data will be sold to someone else over online without knowing you until and unless one of your social or personal accounts is hacked by someone.

Before installing the app from the play store always read or check the app permissions to avoid these types of malware which will be transferring your data.

Factory resets your mobile once in a month to clean everything but before doing that you need to create a backup of all your data just like photos, videos, etc.

 Make sure you keep your Android mobile always updated so that your device will not be affected by viruses anymore.

Virus on android play store:

There are many more apps available on the play store.

Which asks for unwanted or unnecessary permissions just like a photo editing asking for accessing your contacts on Android mobile.

You can install a cleaner or antivirus for your Android mobile.

But most of them won’t work properly instead they will be running all-time in your background and consumes most of your mobile RAM.

If there is high pressure on your mobile RAM continuously then your device will heat up.

Just like when you are playing gaming or doing any heavy activity on your mobile.

So, if your mobile gets heat up quickly at the idle position then your mobile has a virus.

You need to format everything that is available on your android mobile.

Just back up your photos, videos, etc to your computer.

Remove the external storage card and sim card from your phone and factory reset your android mobile.

If you have a paid antivirus or free antivirus on your computer then you can attach your mobile with USB.

After resetting your android mobile and perform a scan.

Check whether the virus is still there on your Android mobile or not.

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