Learn Command Prompt Tips & Tricks 2

Learn Command Prompt

Learn Command Prompt. This is the best tutorial by using which you can learn the basics of command prompt within your computer.

In this post, we will be guiding you some of the basics of CMD that is command prompt.

A few shortcuts that you should definitely know if you are interested in learning and using the command prompt on your computer.

Follow these steps step by step to learn command prompt:

Open the run by pressing the R button holding the Windows key.

Do a search for ” CMD ” and click on OK to open it.

Select any particular drive just like E drive.

If you want to access it using the CMD then enter E: and tap on the enter button.

Now you can see the drive has been changed from C to E letter.

If you ever wanted to know the system info then do type “ systeminfo > f:/info.txt ” and tap on the enter button.

This command will save the system info as a text file which was named info in the F drive located on your computer.

You can change the local drive that you want to save the text file by replacing F with any letter.

This text file contains all the specifications and info of your computer in detail.

If you ever wanted to check the folders and subfolders of any local drive then do type ” tree ” and tap on the enter button.

This command will show you all the folders as well as subfolders with files in it in your command prompt.

If you want to save this tree as a text file then do type ” tree /a > F:/tree.txt ” and tap on the enter.

This command will save the tree format as a text file in the local drive F.

Useful commands:

If you want to check the commands that you have used on command prompt today then click on the f7 button provided on the keyboard.

A popup will display showing all the commands that you have entered today in the command prompt.

If you want to know the default software installed on your computer then do type ” Assoc ” and tap on the enter button.

It will be showing you the list of programs and software installed on your computer.

If your screen of the command prompt is filled with full of text then do type ” CLS ” and tap on the enter button.

This will clear all the screens of your command prompt. You can exit the command prompt by entering ” exit ” and tapping once on the enter button.

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