Laptop Vacuum Cooler Review

Laptop Vacuum Cooler Review

Laptop Vacuum Cooler Review :

Today we will unbox and review this cosmicbyte laptop vacuum cooler.

Let’s see whats inside the box now.

Firstly, a user manual, stickers, a plastic panel, 3 to 4 rubber materials which we have to attach with the cooler while using.

Secondly, a USB cable, the cable length is very short but it does serve the purpose.

And finally, the laptop vacuum cooler which is packed in the bubble wrap cover.

The product is well built and you won’t feel a cheap product for the price you paid.

This product is available on amazon at around 1300 rupees.

This is the section from which the air goes out.

This is the power button, mode, increase fan speed and decrease fan speed buttons.

After that, take the rubber material according to the size of your laptop vent and attach it to the cooler.

However, you can even use this product with the power bank if incase your laptop USB ports are not working.

After that, press the power button to start the cooler.

Laptop Cooler Fan Speed :

The minimum RPM of this cooler is 1420 and the maximum RPM is 4200.

You can decrease the RPM by holding the minus button.

Similarly, tap and hold the mode button to change the RPM to temperature or you can set it back to the RPM again.

You have to place the vacuum cooler at your laptop vent.

In addition, the stickers which we get in the box can be used to stick the vacuum cooler to the laptop.

Take the panel and fix it to the bottom of the vacuum cooler but do it carefully because this plastic panel provided is very thin.

After that, press it properly and now you can attach this cooler to your laptop vent.

Plugin the USB and power it on. Now, let’s check the performance of this laptop cooler.

I am using the core temperature software here. This software is available for free and works perfectly to check the temperature of your laptop.

As you can see the temperature of the laptop raised up to 82-degree celsius without vacuum cooler.

Now, let’s check the temperature by attaching the vacuum cooler.

Surprisingly, the temperature dropped to 66-degree celsius after using the cooler for some time.

Above all, This product works flawlessly. The temperature dropped from 82 to 66-degree celsius.

Now let’s check this vacuum cooler pros and cons.

Pros Of Vacuum Cooler :

It is portable. In other words, you can carry this product anywhere.

The performance is really good. Feels like worth the price you paid.

The only con we faced is, it makes a lot of noise while using.

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Watch the above video for full procedure

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