Know Graphics Card Details In Computer

Know Graphics Card Details In Computer

Who doesn’t like gaming these days ???. If you are a high-end PC gamer then you must be aware of how important is graphics card for playing the PC games smoothly on the computer.

Even the PUBG PC Lite game requires a minimum graphics card but what if you don’t know the specifications of your graphics card.

Is your graphics card is eligible for playing PUBG PC lite game or not ??.

This post will definitely help you to know the specs of your graphics card.

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Today I will be showing you how to know the details of your graphics card in your computer or laptop.

Process To Know The Specs OF Your Graphics Card :

Firstly, open the run command by pressing ” Windows key + R “.

Secondly, type ” dxdiag ” and click on the ok button.

After that, this will open the DirectX diagnostic tool on your computer.

Note: Make sure you are using a genuine Windows 10 operating system and updated with the latest definitions.

If not, you can always download windows 10 full version for free and if you don’t have a DVD drive then here is how you can install windows operating system using a Pendrive.

Let’s get back to the topic now. And here is the system information like operating system, manufacturer along with its model.

We also get Processor details and memory details as well.

Coming to the display tab and in the device section, you will get to see all the details of your graphics card.

However, these are the drivers installed and other features mentioned below.

In the sound tab, you will see the audio device along with its driver details.

And finally, in the input tab, you can see all the devices that are connected with your computer like keyboard, mouse, etc.

You can also save this complete system information in a notepad file using this save all information button.

And you can access this information anytime with just a few clicks on your computer.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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