How To Increase Battery Backup Of Laptop

Increase Laptop Battery Backup

Increase Laptop Battery Backup. These are some of the tips and tricks you need to follow to improve your laptop battery life and also increase battery backup.

In this post, we will be guiding you on how to improve laptop battery backup by making some minor changes in your laptop battery.

Follow these steps step by step to increase laptop battery backup:

Turn on the laptop first, you know? most of the charging is consumed by your monitor display itself.

So always put your monitor display brightness to the minimal.

By making this change it will be improving the battery also you can improve your eyesight.

It will not be affected if you spend more time using your computer or laptop.

On your desktop at the bottom right corner beside the date and time, you will get to see the option of the battery icon.

Firstly, right-click on the battery icon you see on your desktop and click on the power options.

Click on the change plan settings link and make all the values to 1 min.

Secondly, change the value of put the computer to sleep to ” never ” and click on apply or save button you see on the computer screen.

Press the Ctrl+Shift+Escape button, it will be opening the task manager.

Do select the unwanted programs that are running in the background and click on the end task button.

This change also improves your battery a little bit.

Improve the battery backup of the laptop:

Click on the start menu on your desktop.

Go to the control panel and click on the add or remove programs.

Uninstall all the software that you are not at all using on your laptop.

See, this software which you are not using will consume all of your storage space as well as some amount of RAM by running in the background.

So, always don’t install the software that you are not at all using on your laptop.

Install the CCleaner on your laptop and scan once in a week to remove all the junk and waste files that are available on your computer because these temporary files will also be consuming your laptop RAM always running in the background.

If there is intense pressure on your laptop RAM by running the maximum background programs then your laptop will be overheated.

It affects the result in draining your laptop charging.

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