How To Increase Likes On Your Facebook Photos And Videos

Increase Facebook Likes

Increase Facebook Likes. These are the simple tips and tricks to improve likes and shares on Facebook photos and videos.

In this post, we will be guiding you on how to increase the shares and likes on your post just like photos or videos.

Follow these steps step by step to increase Facebook likes:

Open the browser that is available on your computer.

Firstly, copy the URL of your video or photo or Facebook post link by right-clicking on it and clicking on the copy link address.

Do a search for the ” djliker ” website on google and once you visit the website scroll down to the bottom of the website.

Secondly, paste the copied URL in the blank field displayed the bottom of the website and click on the submit button.

Grant the permissions otherwise the website will not increase the likes and shares on your Facebook post.

We have got alternative websites for this as well.

The second one is the ” ” website.

Do visit the website on your browser and click on the tutorial button you see on the website.

It has got its own instructions do follow them carefully to increase the likes and shares on your Facebook post.

The third one is the ” ” website.

Do visit the website using the browser and follow the same procedure you have done with the DJ liker website.

The difference over here is instead of submitting button you will get to see the login button on this website.

Paste the copied link and click on the login button to grant the permissions.

It will be increasing the likes and shares for your Facebook post.

Increase likes for Facebook posts:

This is the very easy method to increase the likes on your Facebook posts but one thing you need to know about is these likes will not be last longer because these are all the bots or machines.

These are not real human likes so they will last longer for more time.

See, If you want to show your friends regarding how many likes and shares you have got on your Facebook profile post then this method works for you.

You can even prank them by showing a large number to do that you need to submit the post again and again to the above-mentioned websites.

These websites are completely free but you need to log in using your Facebook profile and allow the permissions that the website is asking you to complete the task correctly.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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