Improve Downloading And Browsing Speed In Android Mobile

Improve Downloading Speed

Improve Downloading Speed. This is the simple trick to improve the downloading speed and browsing speed on your android mobile.

In this post, we will be guiding you on how to improve downloading speed and also browsing speed on your android mobile.

Especially if you are a heavy android mobile user.

You surf a lot then this is the method you need to follow.

It saves your mobile data and gives you lightning speed when compared to other browser speed on your android mobile.

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Follow these steps step by step to improve downloading speed:

Open the play store that is available on your android mobile.

Do a search for a puffin browser app and install the app.

This app will be very lite in size when compared to other browsers and gives you better browsing speed as well.

It reduces the mobile data and saves you a lot of data especially if you are a limited mobile data use that you use for surfing on the mobile.

It speeds up the browsing and downloading speed within your android mobile without making any changes to the browser.

One more benefit of using this app is you can even visit banned websites at your location without applying any VPN or making any other tweaks on your mobile.

You can play online games as well using this puffin browser.

It displays a joystick on your mobile screen whenever you visit any gaming websites.

Completely this is a super-fast browser, saves mobile data, increases downloading speed and many other features that are available that you need to try by yourself.

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Best browser for android:

I don’t like buffering when I browse on my mobile.

So this is the best method to increase browsing speed as well as downloading speed of your android mobile without making any major changes.

All you need to do is install the browser from the android play store which works super fast when it comes to browsing and downloading.

You can enjoy gaming as well by visiting online gaming sites.

Other browsers will not provide you this feature which makes this browser stand apart from all of them.

It even got the option of saving mobile data that is inbuilt available in the browser settings. Enjoy the increase in speed now.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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