Top 5 Awesome Mobile Tricks For You!

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IDM for android. We covered eye protector glass for mobile, how to rename a pdf file, how to call landline number from mobile, proximity sensor in mobile in this post.

If you are an android user then you must try these awesome mobile tricks on your android mobile once in your life.

Become a pro user of android by using these tricks and also share these tricks with your friends and have fun.

If you download a lot of content online then we have suggested a better alternative to the internet download manager for android users in this post.

Since IDM is not available as an application for android users, you can use the below-provided application for downloading content.

Let’s start with the free IDM alternative for mobile users.

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IDM for android

If you are looking for IDM for android i.e Internet download manager for android then you are at the right place.

The Internet download manager is the best software to download anything online.

IDM doesn’t have an android app but I will show you the better alternative for your android mobile.

It works the same as an internet download manager and is free as well.

Just open the Google play store and do a search for the ” Advanced download manager ” application.

Install the app and open the application on your mobile.


As you can see this application provides all the options that IDM provides.

You can also download torrent files using this download manager.

Click on the plus icon available at the bottom after you open the application.


Paste the link in the popup menu and click on the start button.


This will start the download of that particular file you want to download.

Of course, no application will replace the IDM software but IDM is not providing any android app as of now.

Overall, this is the best and fast download app for android users.

How to protect eyes from mobile screen

Want to find out how to protect eyes from mobile screen?. If yes, then you are at the right post.

Spending more time with mobiles and laptops is quite common these days.

However, you can still protect your eyes if you follow some tips and tricks.

Most android mobiles come with the read mode option nowadays.

Enable the read mode on your mobile, it will make your display dull and definitely doesn’t affect your eyes.

Just scroll down the toggle bar and you will find it.


If you can’t find it then simply go to the settings and do a search for the ” read mode ” in the search bar provided.


Always turn on the read mode so that it doesn’t affect your eyes for a long time usage.

Turn off the automatic brightness and set it to low always.


Make sure you also turn off the automatic brightness and set it to low on your laptop.

Initially, you may find it difficult to implement and use.

Trust me in long term, these two tips will help you a lot.

We cannot completely avoid mobiles but we can implement these tips and tricks to protect our eyes.

As of now, there is no such thing as eye protector glass for mobile but you can purchase computer glasses with anti-glare protection.

How to rename a PDF file

If you are looking for how to rename pdf file in mobile then you are at the right place.

You can easily rename a file on a laptop or desktop. Simply right-click on the file and select rename option to change the file name.

However, the process is not the same for Android users.

You need a file explorer to find a pdf and rename it in android mobile.

If your mobile has a default file explorer then it’s good. If not then install a ” file explorer ” application from the Google play store.

You can install any file explorer that has good reviews along with ratings.

Open the file explorer or file manager and visit the docs folder.


The docs folder contains all the pdf files of your android.

Tap and hold any file, you get to see more option.


Click on the More option and choose rename.


You can change the file name as you like and click on the ok button.

The pdf file will be saved with the new name.

Overall, this is how to rename pdf file in mobile with just a few clicks for free.

How to call landline number from mobile

If you are looking for how to call landline number from mobile then you are at the right place.

You cannot call a landline number directly from mobile.

You have to add the STD code before that landline number.

Just open Google and do a search for the area STD code.


As you can see Hyderabad STD code is 040.

This STD code will be different for different areas.

Just type the STD code along with the landline number to make a call.

For instance, 040222222. Here 040 is the STD code and after that is the landline number.

Overall, this is how to dial landline number from mobile.

Proximity sensor in mobile

If you are looking for what is proximity sensor in mobile then you are at the right place.

The proximity sensor will turn off the display and avoid accident touches while calling someone.

Ever wondered why the display turns off when you keep your mobile at the ear side while calling.

This is the role of the proximity sensor, it saves your battery.

Want to know what are sensors available in your android mobile?.

Just open the play store and do a search for the ” sensor test ” application.

Install this app and open the application on your mobile.


As you can see, these are all the sensors available on my mobile.

You can test each sensor using the test button provided beside it.

Overall, this is the work of proximity sensor in mobile.

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