How To Uninstall Fonts

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How to uninstall fonts. Usually, we don’t uninstall fonts from the Windows operating system but if you want to know how this thing works then this post will help you.

Today I will show you how to uninstall fonts from the Windows 10 operating system.

Windows 10 is an open-source operating system. This operating system is used worldwide by most users.

You can download Windows 10 from their official website for free.

The ISO or setup file will be huge in size so make sure you use any download manager to download the file.

You can pause and resume the file any time if you use the download manager.

I recommend you to use the free download manager software for downloading files, it is completely free.

Here is how you can install Windows 8 from USB if you don’t have a DVD drive. Don’t worry, installing the Windows 10 process is also the same.

The only thing it restricts in the free version is ” we cannot change the wallpaper of our desktop ” that’s it other than this everything works smoothly without any problem.

How to uninstall fonts in Windows 10

Now, let’s see the process of uninstalling fonts from the operating system.

As a pro user, you have to know all these things even if you don’t want to remove a font from your Windows operating system.

Click on the Windows icon and go to the settings panel.


Search for the fonts in the search bar and select the font settings.


Thanks to the Windows operating system because this operating system provides a huge collection of fonts by default for completely free.


You don’t have to install any font from a third party website on your Windows computer, default fonts are enough.

Now select the font that you would like to uninstall.


As you can see you can change the font size as well here.

Click on the Uninstall button to remove the font from your Windows computer.

Click on the uninstall button again from the popup displayed.


After that, make sure you restart your computer to reflect the changes you have made on your Windows computer.

Overall, this is how to uninstall fonts in Windows 10 operating system with just a few clicks.

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