Top 5 Phone Tricks That You Have To Know!

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How to take screenshot in redmi. We covered the Malayalam keyboard download, hide WhatsApp app, how to hide apps in oppo, media visibility in WhatsApp in this post.

If you are an android user then you must know these top 5 phone tricks for sure.

Implement these tricks on your mobile and become a pro user of android.

We discussed how to enable the Malayalam keyboard on android for free, how to capture screenshots in redmi mobiles and how to stop auto download in whatsapp groups etc in this post.

Learn these top 5 phone tricks and also share them with your friends.

Let’s start the article with how to enable the screenshot feature on your android mobile. If you are a redmi or Xiaomi user then this setting is a must for you.

How to take screenshot in redmi

If you are looking for how to take screenshot in redmi then you are at the right place.

The screenshot feature of redmi and Xiaomi mobiles are awesome when compare with other mobiles.

The default screenshot option works very well, you don’t have to install any third-party application.

Just swipe three fingers from top to bottom and you get to see the screenshot enable the option on your mobile.

Turn on the feature and you can take the screenshot by swiping three fingers from top to bottom on your mobile screen.

You won’t get to see this feature on any other branded mobiles except redmi and Xiaomi devices.

However, if your mobile doesn’t support this feature then we got a better alternative for this as well.

Just open the play store and do a search for the ” screenshot assistant ” application.


Install the app and open the application.

Grant the permission by going to the mobile settings for this application.

Simply hold the home button of your mobile and a screenshot will be captured.

You can also crop the screenshot before saving it to your gallery.

Crop it and click on the download icon, the screenshot will be saved to the screenshots folder in your mobile gallery or file explorer.

Overall, this is how to take screenshot in mi phone with just a few clicks for free.

NOTE: I recommend you try the default method first because it works great. If your mobile doesn’t support that then only go for installing any third-party app from the play store.

Malayalam keyboard for android phones

If you are looking for a Malayalam keyboard for android phones then your search ends here.

We already covered how to enable any language keyboard on android mobile without installing any application.

I recommend you to follow that process by clicking here. If that process is not working on your mobile then simply follow the below steps.

Just open the play store and do a search for the ” Malayalam keyboard ” application.


Install the app and open the application on your mobile.


Click on the enable manglish keyboard and enable it for your mobile.


Restart your mobile and open any chatting application or notepad app, you get to see the Malayalam keyboard on your screen.

NOTE: I recommend you to go for the default method instead of installing a third-party app because these apps may take your input i.e whatever you type using the keyboard will go to the developer.

So, don’t search for a Malayalam keyboard download. Instead, enable it in your mobile keyboard settings.

Free fire hide app

I will show you the best method to hide any application on android mobile for free.

You can hide the app icon on your home screen itself, no one will ever know that there is a hidden application on your android mobile.

If you are looking for the free fire hide app then your search ends here.

Since we already covered this topic, I am gonna leave the link over here.

You can hide any application like free fire or WhatsApp using a method by following the link provided above.

I won’t recommend you any other method except that because the application which we covered works excellent in hiding any files or application on your home screen itself for completely free.

Follow the same method to hide WhatsApp app as well on your mobile if you want to hide all your chats along with contacts.

How to hide apps in oppo

Let’s see how to hide apps in oppo mobile for free with just a few clicks.

There is no default option to hide apps on android. You can lock them but you cannot hide them on android.

Since we already covered this topic, I am gonna leave the link over here.

This method works perfectly great for your android mobile.

No need to search for hide apps with dial code because there is no feature like that for Android users.

Instead, follow the above link provided and hide any application on your android for free with just a few clicks.

Media visibility in whatsapp

Let’s see from where you will find the media visibility in WhatsApp setting on your android mobile.

Before following the process, make sure you update your Whatsapp to the latest version from the play store.

Once you update your application, open WhatsApp, tap on the three dots, and go to the WhatsApp settings.

Choose the chats option from the WhatsApp settings.


Click on the chats setting and it will take you to chat settings.


As you can see the media visibility setting of your WhatsApp.

Simply turn off the feature. It will stop the auto-download feature and also stop adding all the downloaded media to your mobile gallery.

It means your mobile gallery won’t be loaded with all the junk like WhatsApp videos and photos.

You can save a lot of storage on your android mobile by just turning off this feature on WhatsApp.

The video or photo that someone sent to you will not be downloaded until you click on it.

Overall, this is how to stop auto download in WhatsApp group or WhatsApp chat for free with just a few clicks.

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