How To Stop Phone From Overheating

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How to stop phone from overheating. If you are wondering why is my phone overheating so quickly then we got the solution for you in this post.

You can now know what made your mobile overheat and how to fix it using the below process for free.

How to stop phone from overheating

Open the play store on your android mobile and do a search for the ” CPU monitor ” application.

Install the application and open the app.

Grant all the permissions otherwise the application will not work properly on your mobile.

You get to see your CPU usage and temperature of your mobile using this application.


You can see all your mobile performance in a graph format.

The best part of this application is you can set an overheating alarm from the settings of this application.


As you can see this application will show you the temperature of your CPU and battery.

You can easily know whether your CPU is overheated or the battery is overheated using this application.

Now, let’s find out why your mobile is overheating.

Go to the settings of your mobile, installed apps, running apps.


Here you will get to see all the background running applications that are consuming your RAM and battery.

Check this background running apps carefully. If you find any application that is not useful for you then you can uninstall that app right away.

This will decrease the load on your RAM, battery and your mobile will cool down within minutes.

If you find all the useful applications running in the background then we have a trick for you to cool down your mobile within seconds.

Set background running apps limit on Android

Go to the about phone section from the settings of your mobile and tap on the build number seven times.


This will enable developer options on your Android mobile.

Go to the settings, additional settings, developer options.

Enable developer options and find the background process limit setting.


By default this setting will be on standard limit.

Change this setting to at most 1 process or 2 processes.

This will reduce the background running apps limit and your mobile will cool down within seconds.

Overall, this setting will also improve your mobile and battery performance because we reduced the limit of background running apps.

This is how to stop phone from overheating if you are wondering why is my phone overheating so quickly.

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