How to screenshot on Lenovo laptop without print screen button

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How to screenshot on Lenovo laptop without print screen button.

Capturing screenshots is quite easy if you know how to do it, especially on windows 10 because you will get all the features nowadays with just one click.

Yes, whatever your query is you can search using the search bar provided on your home screen.

No additional software is required to capture the screenshot now.

The screenshot feature is by default provided in the windows OS these days.

Today I will show you how to take a screenshot on a laptop or desktop that is running on Windows 10.

Simply click on the search bar of windows 10 and do a search for the snip and sketch option.

If you can’t see the snip & sketch app installed then install it right away.

NOTE: If you can’t find any install option then simply follow the alternate method provided below, it actually works on the old windows operating systems as well.

Click on the new button after opening the snip & sketch software.

Click on the full-screen snip icon.

The screenshot will be captured and shown on your screen.

You can crop your screenshot and save it anywhere as you wish.

Alternative method:

Search for the snipping tool in the search bar.

Click on the new button and capture the screen that is required using your mouse.

Finally, save the screenshot to any folder on your computer.

Overall, this is how to screenshot on Lenovo laptop or computer.

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