How To Run Diagnostics On Windows 10

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How to run diagnostics on Windows 10. We covered how to check for hardware problems on Windows 10 with just a few clicks and perform Windows 10 health check in this post.

Are you a computer or laptop user? then this post will help you to know more about your computer and its performance.

Your computer may decrease its performance gradually but, following this method will help you to fix all the issues on your computer.

How to run diagnostics on Windows 10

Let’s see how to check the health report of your computer.

However, your computer has to be installed with genuine Windows 10 operating systems, and make sure you are running with the latest update of Windows 10.

You can download Windows 10 free version as well if can’t afford the paid version.

Everything works perfectly even if you use the free version of Windows 10 as your operating system.

Similarly, you have to keep your Windows defender up to date for these things to work on your computer.

Go to the settings panel in your Windows and do a search for the ” defender ” in the search bar.


Click on Windows security and you get to see the performance of your computer here.


Search for the device performance and health.

Here you will get to see your storage capacity, device driver, battery life, apps, and software issues.


This is how you can check the health report of your computer.

If you find any issues then you can fix them as an administrator.

Make sure you scan your computer regularly using this defender to avoid the issues.

In other words, your computer doesn’t need any antivirus if you use Windows defender.

This windows defender works pretty well if you are a lite user just like browsing, chatting, and watching videos on your computer.

Windows 10 health check

Search for reliability in the search bar and click on the view reliability history.


After that, this will display a report on your screen.


You can see the errors by clicking on them.


As you can see I got a hardware error.

If you see these types of errors daily in this report then I recommend you to backup your important data.

If it happens once in a while then it’s OK, your system is performing well.

This is how you can perform Windows 10 health check and backup your important data if you see so many errors.

Overall, this is how to check for hardware problems on Windows 10 with just a few clicks for free.

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