How To Reset Computer Windows 7

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How to reset computer Windows 7. We covered how to reset computer Windows 7 with just a few clicks in this post.

You can also reset Windows 10 using the same process.

Everyone has to reset their laptop or computer once a month to maintain the performance of Windows devices.

However, this method will also save your device from affecting the virus and keeps your computer protected.

I recommend you to reset your android mobile as well once a month to maintain its performance because we do install and uninstall a lot of apps in our android mobile.

Which will make several changes in our mobile, this also happens with your Windows device.

So, if you want your device to get back to its original working state then restoring or resetting the devices is the best option.

How to reset computer Windows 7

Lets see how to reset the computer.

If your computer is affected by the virus, some of the settings were changed and your system is not responding properly then this is the solution to your problem.

Just go to the settings panel.


Search for the ” reset this PC ” in the search bar.


Now, click on the get started button.


This will display popup on your computer screen.

If you wish to keep your personal files and remove apps & settings then go with the keeping my files option.

Similarly, if you want to clean sweep your computer along with your personal files then go with the remove everything option.

Although, removing everything is not at all a good option if you haven’t back up all the data.

So, make sure you made a backup of your personal files before proceeding.

After that, your system will reboot and take some time to reset your PC.

This process will also save some storage space on your Windows computer.

Overall, this is how to reset computer Windows 7 with just a few clicks for free.

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