5 Email Tricks That You Don’t Know

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How to keep your email secure. We covered how to create temporary email id, is my email breached, self-destruct email free, unsubscribe from spam emails in this post.

If you want to secure your Gmail account then follow this post because we covered almost all types of tricks and tips of Email for free.

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How to keep your Email secure

Today I will show you how to keep your email secure.

Firstly, we have to check whether our email is secure or not.

Yes, you can check whether your email id is secure or not using a trick for free.

Just open the browser and do a search for the ” monitor.firefox.com ” website.

Visit the website now.


Provide your email id and click on the check for breaches button.


As you can see this email id is not at all safe to use anymore.

This way you can check whether your email is safe to use or not.

If it is safe then you can make it more secure by enabling the 2 step verification for your email.

If your email is compromised then I recommend you change your password immediately.

Enable two step verfication for your Email

Let’s see how to enable 2 step verification now.

Simply search for ” 2 step verification Gmail ” on Google and visit the relevant link from the search results shown.


Login with your Gmail account and enable the 2 step verification by providing your mobile number.

Simply enter your mobile number on the website and provide the OTP that you have received on your mobile, that’s it.

This is how to secure Gmail account with mobile number for free with just a few clicks.

Create temporary Email id

Let’s see how to create temporary email id that works for signing up for any social networking site or any other website.

We will guide you on how to create an email id that expires automatically after 10 minutes.

Open the browser and do a search for the ” 10minutemail ” on Google and do follow the relevant link from the search results.


This website will automatically provide you a temporary email address by using which you can create an account on any website just like Facebook etc.

The temporary email which is generated will be expired within ten minutes so make sure you use the email id for signup within ten minutes.

The list of websites that also allows you to create temporary email id is:

  • guerrillamail
  • getnada.com
  • mailinator
  • tempr.email/en
  • maildrop.cc
  • dispostable
  • mytrashmail

You don’t have to pay anything for these websites they are completely free to use.

If you don’t want to provide your personal information while signing up on any website then you can try the above websites.

Overall, this is how to create temporary email id online for free with just a few clicks.

Is my Email breached

If you are wondering ” is my email breached ” then don’t worry there is a way to find it out online.

Let’s how to check whether your email is compromised or not.

Just open the browser and do a search for the ” have I been pwned ” website.

Visit the relevant website from the search results shown.


Type your email address and tap on the enter button.

This website will show you whether your email address is safe to use or not.

This is the best website if you are looking for ” is my email breached “.

If you are looking for how to secure my email account from hackers then I highly recommend you to follow the 2 step verification process for Gmail that I have mentioned above in this article.

Self-destruct Email free

Let’s see how to send a self-destruct email free using your Gmail id.

You don’t have to install any application or extension for this.

Just log in to your Gmail account and click on the compose button.


Click on the timer icon.


As you can see the receiver won’t have the option to make any changes with your email if you enable this.

You can set the expiry time as you wish.

Finally, click on the Save button.

After setting the confidential mode send the email as it is.

The receiver cannot copy or download your email if you send it in confidential mode.

This is how you can self delete email using your Gmail for free with just a few clicks.

Unsubscribe from spam Emails

Let’s see how to unsubscribe from spam emails with just one click.

If your inbox is filling with all the spam emails then you have to follow this trick.

There is a website using which you can unsubscribe to all those spam emails with just one click.

Just open google and do a search for the ” unroll.me ” website.


Click on the get started now button.

Log in with your email id.

Don’t worry this website is completely safe.

Grant the permission after you log in with your email id.

You get to see all your email subscriptions on this website.

Click on the start editing button.

All you have to do is click on the unsubscribe button.

This way you can unsubscribe from spam emails at once using this website.

This is how to stop unwanted emails in Gmail account with just a few clicks for free.

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