How To Install OS In Pendrive

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How to install OS in Pendrive. We covered how to install OS in Pendrive in this post for free.

Downloading a windows iso file is time taking process but you can install os in Pendrive with just a few clicks.

NOTE: Follow this article if you want to install Windows 8 from USB on your computer.

Follow the below process if you want to install the Windows operating system in Pendrive.

How to install OS in Pendrive

Firstly, open the browser on your computer.

After that, Do a search for the ” Win to USB ” software on Google and download the software to your computer.

You get to see both paid version and free version of Win to USB software online.

Don’t worry, free version works great and it is enough to install OS in Pendrive.

Install the software on your computer.

After that, You have to download ISO file of any operating system to your computer.

Open the browser and do a search for the ” windows 10 operating system ISO file free download ” on the Google search engine and download the iso file from the search results shown.

Windows has stopped providing ISO files on their official website.

So, you have to download it from the getintopc website. Yes, you will get the iso file of any operating system on getintopc website for free.


Make sure you download the ISO file with any download manager just like the (IDM) – Internet Download Manager works best on the computer.

However, you can also try the best internet download manager alternative to download the Windows iso file.

These ISO files are huge in size so you can pause and resume the download process whenever you have time if you download it using the download manager on your computer.

After that, open the win to USB software.

You have to select the path of downloaded ISO file on your computer and click on the Next button.

Installing operating system on the USB

Plugin the pen drive into the USB port of your computer.

Select the path of your pen drive and choose VHD as your option.


VHD stands for the virtual hard disc.

Make sure your pen drive is more than 16 GB because you cannot install the operating system and handle it in an 8 GB pen drive smoothly.

Don’t make any change with the virtual hard disc space and click on the next button.

Select the ISO file that you have download on your computer and click on the Next button.


It takes 10 to 20 minutes for installing the OS on your pen drive.

It may take a little longer depending on the ram and its performance on your computer.

This is how to install OS in Pendrive for free with just few clicks.

You can carry this Pendrive anywhere and use it anytime.

Overall, If you want to install the operating system on your pen drive then I recommend a 16 GB or 32 GB pen drive for the best results.

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