Top 5 Awesome Android Tricks That You Don’t Know!

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How to format mi phone. We covered how to reset mi phone, WiFi password no root, sd video download, turn off phone without power button, how to make ppt in phone in this post.

If you are an android user then you must be aware of these android tricks for sure.

These awesome android tricks will make you look like a pro user of android.

Do share these android tricks with your friends and have fun.

Let’s start with how to format or reset android mobile.

If your mobile is not responding properly then you have no other option left except formatting or resetting it.

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How to format mi phone

Let’s see how to format mi phone with just a few clicks.

You can follow the same process for other mobiles as well.

The mobile format or reset process will be the same for all android mobiles.

Just open the settings on your mobile and go to the additional settings.


Scroll to the bottom and choose the backup & reset option.


If you didn’t find this option then simply open the settings on your mobile and search for the reset feature using the search bar provided in the settings.

In most of the mobiles, we get to see the search bar in the settings these days.

Click on the Backup & reset option.


If you want to backup your data then you can turn on the backup my data option.

Otherwise, you can simply click on the factory data reset option.

This will erase everything on your mobile and you get to see a completely new OS on your android again.

Overall, this is how to reset mi phone or any other phone with just a few clicks for free.

WiFi password no root

If you are looking for a WiFi password no root trick then you are at the right post.

Your android mobile will show saved WiFi password without root if you follow a trick.

Just connect to your friend’s WiFi without asking for the password.

Simply ask him to connect your device to the WiFi.

Once your mobile is connected to the WiFi then you can easily find its password and that too for free.

Open settings and go to the WiFi section.

Tap on the connected WiFi connection.


It will show you a QR code on your mobile screen.


Screenshot the QR code, press the power button along with the volume down button at the same time to capture the screenshot.

Go to your gallery and crop the screenshot to the QR code length.

Visit the ” ” URL on your mobile browser.

Click on the choose file button and upload the cropped screenshot to this website.


This website will show you the WiFi password that your device is connected to for free.

Overall, this is how to find out the WiFi password without asking your friend.

SD video download

If you are looking for sd video download then you are at the right article.

I will show you how to download youtube videos in mobile gallery with just a few clicks for free.

Open youtube and choose any video that you want to download first.

Tap on the three dots below that video and click on the share button.


Click on the copy link option from the share menu.


Close the youtube app and open the chrome browser on your android mobile.

You can use another browser but chrome works great.

Open google and do a search for the ” save from net ” website.

Click on the first website from the search results shown in the browser.


Paste the URL that you have copied in the search bar and click on the arrow button.


Choose the video format and finally click on the download button.


Some popup ads will display on your screen, close them and again click on the download button.

Overall, this is how to download youtube videos to your phone with just a few clicks for free.

Restart my phone without power button

If you are looking for how to restart my phone without power button then you are at the right post.

Yes, you can restart your mobile without the power button now, and that too for free.

If your power button is broken or not working then you can follow this trick.

Just open the play store and do a search for the ” restart/reboot power menu ” app and install the application on your mobile.

Click on the round arrow button after you open the application.


Grant permission by going to the settings on your mobile.

It will display the same options on your screen without using the power button.


You can enable airplane, silent mode, or choose the reboot option.

NOTE: Don’t click on the power off option if your mobile power button is not working because once the device gets turned off then you cannot turn it on again.

Overall this is how to turn off phone without power button for completely free.

How to make ppt in mobile

Let’s see how to make ppt in mobile with just a few clicks for free.

This trick comes in handy if you want to create or edit ppt on the go.

Yes, you can create or edit the ppt from anywhere without using the laptop.

Just open the play store and do a search for the ” Microsoft PowerPoint ” app and install the application.

Open the application and grant permissions to make the app work smoothly on your mobile.

Create a Microsoft account and then only you can use this application to edit or create ppt.

You can signup for a Microsoft account using the mobile number itself.

Simply provide your mobile number and you will get the OTP, verify the number using the OTP.

Login to your account and click on the plus icon to create a new ppt.


Choose the template that you like for your ppt from the provided templates.


If you don’t like them then you can also choose the blank presentation.

PPT on mobile

You can create ppt by changing the text and title.


Click on the plus button to add more slides.

You can import your images from the mobile gallery as well and create the ppt.

Once you are done editing, click on the three dots and choose the save option.


It will save the created ppt to your mobile internal storage.

You can find the ppt using any file explorer available on your mobile.

If you don’t have a file explorer then you can simply install a free file explorer from the play store to find the ppt that you have created.

Overall, this is how to make ppt in phone with just a few clicks for free.

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# Complete playlist of android tips & tricks #

  1. If we format Mi Note 4 phone device storage hidden photos will be deleted or not

    Yes, once you format any mobile then all the internal storage hidden photos will be deleted. You cannot restore them in any way. If you want to format your mobile then follow the step-by-step process mentioned above in the article.

  2. What is the best to see my WIFI password no root?

    You can know the WiFi password only if you are connected to that WiFi network by using a trick. Capture the screenshot of the WiFi QR code and upload it to the website. Follow the step-by-step process mentioned above in the article.

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