How To Create Temporary Email Address

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How to create a temporary email address. We covered how to create a temporary email address with just a few clicks on this post.

Frustrated with the spam mails in your mailbox ??. Missing the personal emails in between these spam mails ???

Don’t worry, you don’t have to provide your personal email id always on websites you don’t trust.

However, providing personal emails on all the spam websites is also not at all safe.

Your email can be compromised on any spam website.

We have got a solution for this and your inbox will no longer be filled with spam mails.

How to create temporary email address

Let’s see how to create a temporary email address in one second.

Open the play store on your Android mobile and do a search for the ” temp mail ” in the search box.

Install the app and open the application on your mobile.

This application will not ask you for any permissions and it takes less storage space on your mobile because it is very lite in size.

That’s it, you get to see a temp email on your screen right after opening the application.


This application is completely free !. In other words, You don’t have to register or signup for this.

You can also change your temporary email as you like by clicking on the change button.

In addition, you can also verify this temporary email.

So, to verify your temporary email while registering on any website just click on the inbox button.


After that, this will take you to the inbox section of your temporary email address.

You can create as many temporary emails as you want within seconds using this application.

This is how to create a temporary email address. Therefore, you can get rid of spam mails in your inbox.

Similarly, you can follow the same procedure on your computer by visiting the temp mail website.

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