How To Create QR Code For Image Or Location

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How to create QR code for image or location. We covered how to create a QR code for an image or location with just a few clicks for free in this post.

Yes, you can create QR code of any product, web page or any URL.

How to create QR code for image

Open the browser on your computer.

Firstly, do a search for the ” QR stuff ” and visit the website on your computer.


Secondly, you can provide any URL on this website to create a QR code.


After that, paste the URL of your website in the website URL field.


You can also create QR code for location.


While you are changing the details, you can see there is a change in the QR code as well on the website.


You can also change the color of the QR code on this website.

Once satisfied with the generated QR code then click on the download QR code button you see below the QR code.

The image of the QR code that you have generated will be downloaded to your computer as an image file.

Open the download folder on your computer to see the QR code that you have generated.

You can even generate the QR code for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Send the generated QR code to your friend or anyone so that they will use their QR code scanner on their mobile to visit the website.

You can drive your friends, relatives, or visitors to your website to increase the website traffic by sending them QR code as a WhatsApp message, Facebook message, etc.

Most of the Android mobiles are coming with the QR code scanner inbuilt in the Android mobile.

QR code scanner on Android

If there is no option of a QR code scanner in your Android mobile then not to worry you can install an application from the play store.

Just open the play store on the Android mobile.

Do a search for the ” QR & Barcode Scanner ” in the search bar.


Install the application, open the app.

Grant the permission of accessing your camera because the QR code scanner needs the camera to scan the QR code.

After scanning it will show you the details of the QR code on your Android mobile.

Overall, this is how to create a QR code for an image or location with just a few clicks for free.

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