Top 5 Super Hacks For Mobile Users!

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How to check my phone is rooted. We covered remove water from speaker, change bsnl landline plan, block all incoming calls, how to hide apps in Samsung in this post.

If you are a mobile user then you definitely need to know these top 5 super hacks for sure.

Try them on your mobile and also share them with your friends. Sharing is caring right?.

We discussed how to change your bsnl broadband plan with just a few clicks online without visiting the bsnl customer service center. If you are a bsnl landline or broadband user then you must check out this thing, it really helps you a lot.

Let’s start the topic with how to check whether your android is rooted or not for free.

How to check my phone is rooted

If you are looking for how to check my phone is rooted then you are at the right place.

Yes, you can check whether your device is rooted or not with just a few clicks, and that too for free.

Just open the play store and do a search for the ” root checker ” application.

Install the app and open the application on your mobile.

Click on the verify root option after opening the app.


It will show you whether your device is rooted or not within seconds.


However, I won’t recommend you to root your mobile but still, if you want to experience the rooting benefits on your phone then I will show you the best method.

Your mobile won’t be bricked if you follow this method to root.

We covered this topic in detail over here.

NOTE: Make sure your mobile has enough battery level i.e more than 60% before proceeding to the root process.

Overall, we covered the best root check app and rooting process in this post. Just follow them step-by-step and also comment down below if it has worked for you or not.

Remove water from speaker

Let’s see how to remove water from speaker within seconds and that too for free.

Your mobile won’t get damaged if you know how to remove water from phone speaker.

You have to act smartly within seconds to remove water from the mobile speaker.

Since we already covered this topic in detail, I will provide you article link over here.

Make sure you visit the above link and follow the step-by-step process.

Overall, this is how to fix phone speaker water damage within seconds for free.

Change bsnl landline plan

Let’s see how to change bsnl landline plan with just a few clicks online.

Yes, you change your bsnl landline or broadband plan online anytime as we like.

Just open the internet explorer on your computer and do a search for the “self-care bsnl ” in the search bar.


NOTE: Use only the internet explorer because the bsnl self-care website works perfectly on the default browser.

It won’t work properly on chrome or other browsers.

After visiting the link, make sure you log in using the same Gmail id that you have submitted while taking the bsnl connection.

If you don’t remember the email id or password that you have provided while taking the connection then there is no other option left except to visit the nearest bsnl service center.

Visit the nearest bsnl service center and update your email id so that you can log in and change your bsnl plans any time in the future.

Assuming that you know your email id and password, click on the sign-in with Google button.


Login to your Gmail and grant permission and it will take you to your bsnl account dashboard.


Click on the billing account number arrow button.

It will take you to your bsnl account settings.

Change of bsnl tariff plan

Click on the modify services from the left side menu and choose the change of tariff plan.


Tick mark the terms and click on the Next button.


From the drop-down menu, choose your landline or broadband.


It will show your existing plan, choose it and click on the Next button.


You get to see all plans on your screen and select the one that you like from here.


Click on the add this plan button and click on the Next button.


Finally, click on the submit change button to change your landline or broadband plan.


Note down the request reference number.


Log out from the bsnl self-care website and also log out from your Gmail account by visiting Gmail in another tab.

Overall, this is how to change bsnl landline plan with just a few clicks without visiting the bsnl service center.

You can raise a request to change your plan anytime using this bsnl self-care website.

Block all incoming calls

If you want to block all incoming calls then the best way to do that is to turn on the airplane mode.


If you want to know ” how to make my phone switch off for a specific number ” then you are at the right place.

Just open the dialer on your mobile and find the contact that you want to block.

Tap on that contact and you get to see the block number option.


Click on the block number setting and they won’t be able to call you again.

This way you can make your phone switch off for any mobile number for free with just a few clicks.

How to hide apps in Samsung

I will show you the best method to how to hide apps in Samsung mobile.

Not only it works on Samsung devices but also on all android mobiles.

Since we already covered this topic in detail in another article so I am leaving the link over here.

Make sure you visit the above link and follow the step-by-step process to hide any application or folder on your android mobile.

This process is best to hide any content on android for free with just a few clicks.

You can follow the same process for Motorola mobiles as well. Overall, this is how to hide app in moto g4 plus for free.

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