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Gmail Tricks

Gmail Tricks. These are some of the Gmail tips and tricks that you should know.

In this post, we will be guiding you with some of the Gmail shortcuts and interesting things that you don’t know.

If you are a regular computer user who works mostly with sending and receiving emails then this post will definitely help you a lot.

Follow these steps step by step for Gmail tricks:

Open the Chrome browser that is available on your computer.

If you don’t have Chrome browser do download and install it from online on your computer because the tricks and shortcuts we will be providing here mostly work with Chrome browser only.

Firstly, go to the web store of your Chrome browser and do a search for ” secure mail for Gmail ” extension.

Install the extension for your Chrome browser.

After installing this extension you will get to see a lock symbol appearing right side of your compose button on the Gmail website.

With the help of this lock symbol, you can keep a password for your email which you gonna send to anyone.

The receiver must enter the password you have kept for the email to read the email on his computer.

This way you can password protect your email while sending it to someone else.

The second extension is the ” mail track for Gmail ” extension.

Install this extension to your Chrome browser.

This extension tracks your email and notifies you whether the receiver has read the email that you have sent to him or not by showing green tick marks just like Whatsapp has seen option.

The third extension is the ” snap mail ” extension.

This extension will add a link do your email. The receiver has to read the message within 60 seconds.

After 60 seconds the link will be expired. The user cannot open it to read it again on his computer.

So once the user opens the email which you have sent using the snap mail service has to read it within 1 minute otherwise the message will be deleted permanently and cannot be accessed again on any computer.

Gmail tips and tricks:

There are many more extensions that work similarly but these extensions are best when compared to all of them.

To install two or three pop up blocker extensions for your browser because to protect your browser history, cache as well as your personal info.

The websites with pop-ups will destroy your browsing experience by installing some of the adware to your browser.

If that happens then you cannot browse the internet safely.

You will see all the ads field with and changes your homepage as well without notifying you where sometimes this adware also dumps virus to your computer.

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