Gfive W1 Mobile Review

Gfive W1 Mobile Review

Today we will review this gfive w1 mobile.

Firstly, the built quality of this mobile is superb and here is the gfive branding.

Let’s see its battery now. We get a 3000mah battery in this mobile.

This is the memory card slot along with four sim card slots provided on this mobile.

In other words, you can use four sim cards at a time.

Now, let’s turn on this mobile and see what we get inside.

What We Get In Gfive W1 Mobile :

This is the main screen. Here comes the menu and this is the file manager.

Here is the ebook folder where you can save all your pdf files.

In other words, this mobile supports pdf files.

After that, this is the phone book and these are the games along with some social websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

You can visit these websites using mobile data.

After that, here is the call center, which has all your call history.

This is the message box.

Here is the multimedia menu. You will get a basic camera in this mobile.

The best feature of this mobile is we get an audio recorder.

However, this mobile has the option of FM radio but you have to plug in your headphone to use it.

We get a calendar, alarm, etc in the organizer menu.

After that, this is the general settings panel of this mobile.

And this is the profile section where you can keep your mobile in normal or silent mode.

In the extras section, we get Bluetooth which will be very useful to pair any Bluetooth speaker to listen to songs.

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After that, this is the browser. Yes, we do get a browser as well on this mobile.

In other words, You can use mobile data and surf anything using this browser.

Here is the shortcut menu. You can apply shortcuts to these four buttons using this shortcut menu.

Now, let’s see the audio volume of this phone.

This is the maximum volume of this phone.

Pros Of Gfive W1 Mobile :

This mobile has got very good keypad as well. Similarly, the battery of this mobile is pretty good.

Overall, this is the best mobile that provides the option to use four sim cards at a time.

The battery in this mobile will charge completely in an hour and gives you a backup for one week if you are a lite user.

However, the battery will survive up to 4 days minimum even if you are a heavy user.

Above all, this mobile will cost you around 1200 rupees on amazon.

However, The Golden color variant is right now available for 900 rupees only.

Note: If you like to purchase this product then you can watch the in-depth review of this product along with its best buy link in the video provided below :

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Watch above video for full procedure

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