How To Get The Latest Features In WhatsApp And Facebook Instantly

Get Latest Facebook Features Instantly. This is the simple trick to get the latest features of any app by joining the beta tester android program on your mobile.

In this post, we will be guiding you on how to get the latest Facebook features instantly within your mobile by making some minor changes.

This is the best method to do so to get the latest updates of any app that you have installed on your android mobile.

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Become a beta tester android

Becoming a beta tester for android is quite an easy and simple process.

Today we will discuss how to become a beta tester for any app on your android mobile.

You can now get the latest updates of your favorite app before anyone else by becoming the beta tester.

Just open the play store and do a search for the “beta maniac” app.

Install the app and open the app now.

You have to log in using your Gmail id first.

It takes some time to analyze your mobile apps and display them on your screen.

This app will show you what are the apps which have a beta tester program vacancy.

You can select any app and become the beta tester.

Click on the become a beta tester button.

From now onwards you will receive the latest updates from the app before anyone else.

You can also leave the beta tester program if not interested.

We also have an alternate working method provided below.

Get the latest Facebook features instantly

Open the browser that is available on your android mobile.

First of all, select the app which you want to get the latest updates of just like WhatsApp or Facebook, etc.

For example, do a search for the Facebook beta tester in the google search engine.

Click on the link that displays Facebook beta tester google play and you will be taken to another page where you need to click on the ” become a tester ” button.

You need to log in using the same email id which you have provided for google play store.

That’s it you now became a tester for the Facebook app.

So whenever it releases new updates you will be notified or your app will be automatically updated.

You can follow the same procedure for any app that you wish.

The same changes have been taken in the play store nowadays.

If you want to become a tester in an easy way then go to any app in the play store and scroll to the bottom of the app.

You will see the option of becoming a tester for that particular app in the android play store.

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Get the latest updates for mobile apps

See, day by day our usage for social accounts and social networking sites has been increasing.

So to stay updated we need to always auto-updates the apps from the play store.

Make sure you enable the auto-updates option in the play store so that you will be getting all the latest updates for all the apps and your mobile will be running in a smooth way.

Updating all the apps to the latest decreasing your battery consumption.

It also increases the performance of your android mobile.

The updates will fix all the errors of the apps that are previously available on the play store.

So if you want to secure your mobile personal info then always keep your mobile updated.

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Watch above video for full procedure

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