Uses Of Function Keys In Windows Keyboard

Function Keys Uses

Function Keys Uses. These are some of the uses of function keys that are available in the Windows keyboard.

In this post, we will be guiding you with the function keys usage on a computer keyboard.

These are the computer keyboard function keys uses:

Firstly, Let’s start with the Function key F1.

It will be helping you to find the information always whether you are on the desktop or using the browser when you click on F1 a help window appears.

The F2 key is known to be an edit button.

You can rename any file by clicking on the file once and clicking on the F2 button.

Secondly, the F3 key is to search for any file or word.

If you are in any window or in a browser just click on the F3 button and you will get to see the search bar at the top right corner of your active window.

After that, the F4 key is to close the active window on the computer for that you need to use the combination of Alt + F4 to close the active window.

In the internet explorer when you click on the F4 button you will be taken directly to the address bar no need of using your mouse.

The F5 key is for refreshing the content on your computer.

To hard refresh, you need to use the combination of Ctrl + f5 on your browser.

The F6 key is to switch the icons in the taskbar of your desktop.

The F7 key is used in the Firefox browser to turn on carat browsing.

You will be getting the cursor while reading anything on your browser.

The F8 key is to get into the safe mode on your computer while booting.

The F9 key is for compiling the code.

The F10 key is for the right click on the browser without using the mouse.

The combination you need to use is shift+F10.

The F11 key is to enable full-screen mode on the browser.

The F12 key is for printing.

The combinations used for printing is ctrl + shift + F12 or ctrl+P.

Uses of Function keys in the keyboard:

If you are a computer user then you need to learn the basics of function keys that are available on your computer keyboard.

You can save your time by using these shortcuts on your computer.

It also depends on the keyboard and its keys. We also get some extended shortcut keys for some premium keyboards that are available in the market.

You can also search for specific keyboard combinations on google as well.

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