Top 5 Incredible Android Apps That You Don’t Know!

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Free fire photo editor. We covered anime wallpaper boy, WhatsApp funny status, ola cab price, video crop app in this post.

If you are an android user then you must try these incredible android apps on your android device once in your life.

You will definitely love these android apps. They also make your life simpler.

You can show your friends that you are a pro user by using these android apps.

Share these top 5 incredible android apps with your friends as well and have fun.

Let’s start with the best photo editor android app for android users.

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Free fire photo editor

I will show you the best free fire photo editor application for android.

This application has all the image filters for free.

Just open the play store and do a search for the ” photo editor pro pic layer ” application.

Install the app and open the application.


You can change the complete look of your photo with just one click.

You don’t even get to see the ads on this application.

Select the preset that you like and import the photo from your gallery.

After editing, the image will be saved to your gallery.

Overall, if you are looking for the best background photo editor download then this is the application that you have to try for once on your android mobile.

Couple anime wallpaper

I will show you the best couple anime wallpaper android app for your mobile.

You get to see more than 1 lakh anime wallpapers in this android app for free.

If you are a fan of anime series then you will definitely love this app.

Just open the play store and do a search for the ” +100000 anime wallpaper ” application.

Install the app and open the application on your mobile.


Simply select the wallpaper that you like and click on the set as wallpaper button.


You can also add your favorite wallpapers to your favorite section of this app.

This application even has a lot of anime wallpaper boy collections.

Funny Status for WhatsApp

I will show you the funny status for WhatsApp android application.

Just open the play store and do a search for ” best DP and status “.

Install the app and open the application.


Select the category according to your wish.


This application has got a simple and cool-looking interface.

Open the status or DP that you like and you can directly update your WhatsApp status using the share option provided.


You get to see other social platform sharing options as well in this application.

Ola cab price

Looking for a cheap ola cab price?. If yes, then you are at the right place.

I will show you how to book a cab for cheap using android with just a few clicks.

You can book a cab for very cheap if you follow this trick.

Just open the play store and do a search for the ” all in one cab booking app: cab compare ” application.

Install the app and open the application.


Grant location permission to make this application work properly.

Enter both pickup and destination points.

Click on the search cabs button.

This app will show you all the cab services. You can compare the price and choose the cheap one available.

You will get the fare details of auto and cab from both Ola, Meru, and uber, etc.

Select the cab according to your preference.

This way you can save a lot of money while booking a cab using mobile.

You will also get a cheap maxi cab price on this application.

Video crop app

I will show you the best video crop app for android.

I will show you how to crop or trim a video without a video editor for free.

You don’t need any video editing skills for this.

Just open the play store and do a search for the ” video crop & trim ” application.

Install the application and crop any video with just one click for free.


You can try all other features of this application.

Click on the crop button and select any video from the gallery that you want to edit.


Cut the area which is not necessary using the cropping tool available.


Click on the tick mark button.

This video crop apk will crop your video with just one click for free on your android.

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  1. Hot Anime wallpapers for mobile phones

    Install the ” +100000 anime wallpaper ” application from the Google play store and you will get to see 1 lakh anime wallpapers for free in the application. You can download them as well as apply them as wallpaper on your mobile.

  2. I can't trim video properly in my Motorola phone What do I need to enable in my phone

    Install the ” video crop & trim ” application from the Google play store and you can crop or trim any video for free with just a few clicks on your android phone.

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