Force Delete A Folder

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Force delete a folder. We covered how to delete files that cannot be deleted on a computer in a step by step process in this post.

Now it’s very easy to delete any malware affected folder or file on your computer.

Move the undeletable file to a folder so that we can delete the folder completely.

Note: This process will be difficult for beginners who are new to commands. You may end up deleting the wrong folder and lose your data. So, I strongly recommend you to watch the video provided below instead of following the text process.

Watch above video for full procedure

Process to force delete a folder

Firstly, click on the start button on your desktop.

Secondly, search for ” command prompt ” right-click on it, and select run as an administrator option.

Grant the permission by clicking the yes button and then the command prompt will open on your screen.

After that, You have to copy the location of the folder that you want to delete.

If you are trying to delete a file then create a folder and move the file in to that folder.

Right-click on the folder that you want to delete and click on properties it will show you the location of the folder.


Right-click again on the location of the folder and copy it, then open the command prompt.

Command prompt commands to delete file

Enter this thing now in cmd ” pushd (space) paste location of the folder that you have copied ” and tap on the enter button.

You have set the location to that folder now. Enter ” dir /x ” in cmd to check files that are available at that location.


We have highlighted the text in image that you have to write after writing the remove directory tag.

Make sure you copy that text written in front of the folder name correctly.

Now we will use the option of remove directory tag in the command prompt to remove that folder.

Enter ” rmdir /q/s text written in front of the folder name ” and tap on the enter button.


The file or folder that you are trying to delete will be deleted permanently from your computer.

This is how to delete files that cannot be deleted on your computer using the command prompt.

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