Fake Messages On WhatsApp

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Fake messages on WhatsApp. This is the simple trick to create a fake text message or fake text message WhatsApp notification on your android.

We will guide you on how to create a dummy message and prank with your friends using this post.

Create a dummy message (Trick 1)

Open the play store on your android mobile.

Do a search for ” fake message free 2021 ” app and install the application.

This application will ask you do you want to create a new contact?. Click on the yes button to continue.


You will see the sample text message which you can edit as you like.


Click on the name and you can edit the name. Tap on the date and you can edit the date.


Select the date and time of the message according to your preference.

Edit the text that you want to receive. Click on the fake button to create a fake text message.

Open the messages app and check whether you have received the message or not at the time you have provided it.

If not then you can screenshot this fake message and share it with your friends on WhatsApp as well.

Whatsapp is a popular application on both android and Ios devices. Now, let’s see how to create fake messages on WhatsApp.

Fake messages on WhatsApp (Trick 2)

Yes, you can create fake messages on WhatsApp on your mobile using this trick.

Just open the play store and do a search for a “ fake notification ” app.

Install the app and open the application.

Firstly, type the app name as WhatsApp.


Secondly, type the name from whom you want to receive the message.

You can also see the fake text messages history in this application.

Finally, enter the message and click on the Next button.

Select the Whatsapp icon and click on the go button that’s it.


You will receive the fake text message which you have created just now in your notification panel.

You can also schedule the fake text message at any time using this application.


This app provides you two extra fake text messages as well.

Overall, this is how you can create fake messages on WhatsApp for free.

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