Top 5 Super Mobile Tricks (5th Trick Will Shock You!)

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Dublicate Contacts Removier Apps. We covered power save mode, unfortunately chrome has stopped, how to uninstall Vivo browser, jio apn setting in this post.

If you are an android mobile user then you must know these top 5 super mobile tricks for sure.

We discussed how you can remove duplicate contacts from your phone, whether battery saver is good for your mobile or not, how to uninstall bloatware from an android phone, etc below.

Let’s start with how to remove duplicate contacts from mobile and that too with just one click for free.

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Dublicate contacts removier apps

Let’s see the best dublicate contacts removier apps from the play store.

I will show you the best and free duplicate contacts remover app for android mobile.

You can remove all your duplicate contacts with just one click if you follow this trick.

Just open the play store and do a search for the ” duplicate contacts remover ” application.

Install the app and open the application on your mobile.

Click on the find duplicate contacts button.


Grant the permission and it will automatically find the duplicate contacts and show you on your screen.


All you have to do is click on the delete button, that’s it.

Overall, this is the best and free duplicate contacts manager application available on the play store right now for free.

Is battery saver good or bad

Do you want to know is battery saver good or bad?. If yes, then you are at the right place.

The battery saver feature is extremely helpful while you are traveling and when you need the mobile for your work.

If you don’t carry a power bank with you all the time then you must use the battery saver option.

Power saving mode is good only when your mobile strikes 20% or below that.

These days mobiles automatically switch to power saving mode when they strike 20% battery.

In some mobiles, we have to manually enable the power-saving mode option.


You have to know how this works and what does battery saver mode will do to your mobile?

Battery saver will stop all the third-party applications that are running in the background and keep your mobile in an idle position.

It will decrease the brightness, turn off all the background activities that consume the battery.

If you are using Instagram then the only Instagram application will consume the battery.

All other background running applications like Gmail, YouTube, Whatsapp will go into sleep mode.

This way, your mobile will finish all apps and provide you with more battery backup.

I won’t recommend you to turn on the is the power save mode daily because you will miss all your important WhatsApp messages, important emails, etc.

But you can give it a try when your mobile battery level goes below 20%.

Why my chrome is not working in mobile

If you are worried about why my chrome is not working in mobile then you are at the right place.

Most of the time, new updates will make the application crash.

The developer checks whether the application is working properly on only certain devices but releases the update for all.

So, if there is something in the update that is not suitable for your mobile then the application will stop responding or crashes suddenly.

Don’t worry, we can fix the issue using a simple trick.

Just tap and hold the chrome icon and click on the ” i ” button.


You will be taken to the app information setting on your mobile.

If your mobile doesn’t support the touch and hold feature then simply open settings.

Go to Apps & notifications, search for the chrome application and click on it.


Click on the storage option, you get to see both clear storage and clear cache buttons.


Tap on both buttons and clear your storage as well as cache.

Open the chrome browser app use it as you like, mostly this will fix the issue.

If not, then disable the application or uninstall and install it again.

Follow the above process step-by-step and it is the perfect solution for unfortunately chrome has stopped error.

How to uninstall Vivo browser

If you are looking for how to uninstall Vivo browser then you are at the right place.

Unfortunately, you cannot uninstall the Vivo browser on Vivo mobiles because it is the default browser that comes as bloatware.

You cannot uninstall it but you can block it on your mobile with just a few clicks.

Search for the Vivo browser application and go to its app information in the mobile settings.

Click on the disable button you see in the app information setting.

I am showing your camera app as an example here because I don’t have a Vivo mobile.


If your mobile is not providing an option to disable the application then you don’t have any other option left other than rooting your mobile.

I won’t suggest you root your mobile because you may brick your device if you don’t follow the process carefully.

Overall, this is how to uninstall or disable Vivo apps on Vivo mobile for free with just a few clicks.

Jio apn setting

If you are looking for jio apn setting for your mobile then you are at the right place.

The default jio apn setting is the best and perfect setting for every mobile.

You don’t have to change the apn setting but you can implement a trick to increase the internet speed on your mobile.

Most android mobiles come with the default LTE feature these days but in old mobiles, we still have to set the LTE mode manually.

Just open the dialer on your mobile and dial ” *#*#4636#*#* “.


Go to phone information 1 if your jio sim is in the sim 1 slot. If your jio sim is in the sim 2 slot then go to phone information 2.


Scroll a little below and you get to see the preferred network type. Simply change it to the LTE-only option.


Find a good signal spot in your area and you get to see the increase in internet speed on your mobile.

Overall, this is how to increase jio net speed in mobile with just a few clicks for free.

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# Complete playlist of battery saving tips & tricks #

  1. How to remove Vivo browser in vivo v9?

    You cannot remove the Vivo browser app from Vivo mobile because it is a system application that comes as bloatware. You can disable it by going to its app information settings on your mobile. Follow the step-by-step process mentioned in the above article for detailed information.

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