5 Android Keyboards That Can Change The Look Of Your Mobile

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Download smart keyboard for Android. We covered change keyboard settings Android, Gurmukhi keyboard for Android, colour keyboard for Android, hidden keylogger for Android in this post.

If you are an Android user then you must try any one of these keyboards for sure.

These unique and colorful keyboards will make you’re mobile look more attractive.

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Download smart keyboard for Android

If you are searching to download smart keyboard for Android then you are at the right place.

This smart keyboard looks really cool on your Android device.

Just open the play store and do a search for the ” play keyboard ” application.

Install the app and open the application.

Click on the start button and select play keyboard as your default keyboard.


Grant permission for this keyboard to work properly.


Go to my theme and select the fluffy & chewy keyboard theme.

Once you tap on the theme, the theme will be automatically applied.


After applying the keyboard, open WhatsApp or messenger to see how it works.


You have to type some specific keywords like love, joke, dab to see the animations play on your keyboard.

You will get these keywords in the edit section of the keyboard theme.

Overall, this is how to download smart keyboard for Android and enjoy live animations while chatting with your friends.

Change keyboard settings Android

If you are looking to change keyboard settings Android then you are at the right post.

We provided some of the tricks below by using which you can customize your Android mobile keyboard and change it to a completely new look.

You can now place a photo on your mobile keyboard without installing any third-party app on your mobile.

Firstly, tap and hold the “, (comma) ” button on your Android mobile keyboard, it will show you a popup saying Google keyboard settings.


Secondly, visit keyboard settings and select the theme option.


You will see a list of themes collection available on your Android mobile but we mostly use the black one.

You can try a new theme daily by selecting the theme in the Google keyboard settings.

Click on the My themes option and it will ask you to select the source just like the gallery, file Explorer, photos, etc.

Do select any one option and choose the photo that you would like to place on your mobile keyboard.

Crop the photo, adjust the brightness and finally click on the apply button.


Your photo will be displayed on your mobile keyboard.

Additional Trick: If you don’t like any suggested word that is displayed while you are typing then hold that word move it upwards and delete the word.


The deleted word will not be shown to you as a suggestion again while typing on your keyboard.

Overall, this is how to change keyboard settings Android. You can play with the Android keyboard settings as you like and become a pro user.

Gurmukhi keyboard for Android

Let’s see how to get the Gurmukhi keyboard for Android for free with just a few clicks.

If you are a Sikh or Punjabi then you can chat with your friends in your own language using this Gurmukhi keyboard.

Not only this, you can install any language keyboard application from the play store and chat with your friends in your own language for free.

Just open the play store and do a search for the ” Gurmukhi keyboard ” application.

Install the application and open the application.

Grant permission for the keyboard to work properly.


Click on the Enable Gurumukhi Keyboard button and apply this Gurmukhi keyboard as your default keyboard.


If you know some other language like Bengali then also you get your mother tongue language keyboard on the play store.

Just open the play store and do a search for the ” Bangla keyboard ” application.

Install the application and select your language.


Click on the Enable Bangla keyboard button to set it as your default keyboard.

Overall, this is how you can download the Bijoy Bangla keyboard for Android with just a few clicks for free.

Colour keyboard for Android

Who doesn’t colorful keyboard and that too on Android mobile?.

If you are looking for a colour keyboard for Android and want to change your default keyboard to LED colorful keyboard then follow the below process.

Changing to the LED style of the keyboard will definitely increase the look and feel of your Android while chatting.

Open the play store and do a search for the ” led keyboard ” application.

Install the app and open the application.


Select the LED keyboard as your default keyboard.

Select any keyboard theme that you like and click on the get theme button.


As you see the theme has been applied.

You get to see a lot of free keyboard collections on the home page of this application.


However, this application even provides the option of creating your own keyboard.

Tap on the plus button and you can create your own keyboard by selecting the style, color options.


You can also name the keyboard that you have created.

Slide left to select the language of the keyboard. This app supports all the regional languages like Hindi and Telugu etc.

In addition, the settings page has the option of changing the sound for a keypress. You can also select or change the font of the keyboard.

This LED keyboard application even provides the option of auto-correction and gesture typing.

You can change the keyboard layout by adjusting the height.

Overall, this is the stylish text keyboard for Android with a unique colorful look available for free on the play store.

How to make keylogger for Android

Wondering how to make keylogger for Android?.

You don’t have to make a keylogger because I will guide you to the best keylogger that is already available for Android on the play store for completely free.

If your friends are using your mobile without your permission then you can know what they are searching i.e typing using this trick.

Yes, you can completely note down the data like which app is opened and what they have typed using your device.

Just open the play store and do a search for the ” flash keylogger ” application.

Install the app and open the application.


Create an account by providing the pin on this application.

Grant all the permissions like accessibility and enable the keyboard.


Once done, whatever you write or type will be saved in the keylogger application.


This is all the text that I have typed using the keyboard after I installed this app.

Click on the app icon in the app settings and you can change the app icon to a calendar or calculator.


This application looks exactly like a calendar or calculator once you changed the app icon and no one will ever know that you have installed a keylogger on your Android mobile.

Overall, this is the hidden keylogger for Android available on the play store for completely free.

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