Dell Kb216 Keyboard Review

Today we will unbox the dell kb216 keyboard and review this product.

Lets quickly unbox and see how it looks.

This is a wired keyboard and the length of the wire is good.

The keyboard looks premium and you won’t feel cheap for the price you paid.

Here is the dell logo and this is the Numpad of this keyboard.

It feels good to type on this keyboard and does not make any sound while typing.

The keys are very soft and have shorter travel distance when compared to the standard desktop keyboard.

You can adjust the height of the keyboard by using these clips.

This keyboard is very light in weight, you can easily carry this anywhere along with your laptop.

Cons of dell kb216 keyboard Review :

This is not a gaming keyboard. However, you can use it for lite gaming purposes.

I recommend you not to go with this keyboard if you are a heavy gamer.

The second thing is it is not a backlit keyboard.

So you cannot see the alphabets if the power goes off at night time.

If you are a night shift worker and the power goes off regularly in your area then this keyboard will not be a good option for you.

Other than this everything is perfect about this keyboard considering the price and its build quality.

I like this keyboard for typing long and long articles because it feels smooth and fast once you get used to this keyboard.

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